Hostinger Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Online Recommending Hostinger Service

 Hostinger Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Online Recommending Hostinger Service


Here, we are going to do a review of the whole Hostinger affiliate program; What is it? How to join? How much you can earn from it? We will be discussing all the pros and cons of Hostinger affiliate program. So, let’s dig in.

What is Hostinger? Hostinger International is an employee-owned web hosting provider and internet domain registrar. It is based in Kaunas, Lithuania. It was established in 2004 and now has over 29 million users in 178 countries. On average, Hostinger gets 15k new signups every day. They use cloud-web-hosting technology and provide hosting for MySQL, FTP and also PHP. They allow people to create a website for free with unlimited MySQL, PHP, cPanel and no ads policy.  From shared hosting and domains to VPS - They have all you need for online success. It is one of the top ranked sites, thus provides its customers with the best services. They are associated with four companies 000WebHost in 2007, Hosting24 in 2008, Niagahoster in 2013, and Weblink in 2014.




There are a great number of Affiliate programs out there and almost every other website offers one of its own. The search here is of finding the best that suits you. Well, Hostinger has a lot to offer to its affiliates. Hostinger Affiliate program is a program that allows you to earn money by just referring Hostinger to other people. It’s more of like that if people join Hostinger because of you, you will get paid. If you do so, you can enjoy 60% commission per order. Your job is to promote their products and website. It provides a high commission rate, but we cannot call it the highest. If you want to start your work as an affiliate, well, it’s a good option. Sky is the only limit to earn affiliate commissions. Hostinger allows you to set up your website for free. Hostinger values customer partnership and it is a network that is loved by millions. Almost every person who have joined the Hostinger Affiliate Program has all good to say about it and holds a positive review. As it is an easy way to earn a lot of commission, most of the people consider it as a good program. It is known as earning money in a smart way.


You might be wondering what's so special Hostinger affiliate program has to offer. We will decide about it in the pros and cons section. Let's now have a look at Hostinger affiliate program's products:

  • Web Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting

  • VPS Hosting

  • Domain Checker

  • Website Builder

  • Windows VPS

  • Minecraft Hosting

  • Ecommerce Hosting




To become a part of Hostinger Affiliate Program, you just have to go through some basic steps:


Hostinger provides an instant sign up of less than a minute. You just have to provide some basic information; your personal and additional details and you're done. Then they verify your account and once its verified, you are officially a Hostinger affiliate. you now have access to your affiliate Dashboard.



You can access one of the best affiliate control panels in the industry to promote your sale easily. You can track your performance and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Hostinger affiliate program provides you with proper records of performance.


You also have access to affiliate banners that you can use on your website, social media accounts or in your emails. These banners allow you to improve your marketing. When doing business, you cannot be empty handed. Thus, Hostinger provides you with some marketing tools that you can use in you content. These banners are perfectly designed. Hostinger provides you with banners, screenshots and infographics to attract a huge number of audience.



After you're done with all the promotions, you can now relax and wait for you payment. You will receive at least 60% commission for every eligible sale. And it's just the starting commission, you can earn more based on your work. Affiliates are paid out via PayPal. Once affiliates reach the minimum amount ($100 USD), they can email payments@hostingermedia.com with their Hostinger ID and PayPal email to request payout.


Nowadays there are three types of Web hosting plans on Hostinger. These are available up to 90% off due to holiday season. These include: 

  • Single shared hosting 

  • Premium shared hosting

  • Business shared hosting

The single shared hosting plan will let you create only one website. On the other hand, with the premium and business packages you can add multiple domains and create unlimited websites.



Hostinger affiliate program allows you to earn through different platforms like, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Emails, Websites, etc. First you have to set up your account as an affiliate. You can also enjoy their Web Hosting plans and get you commissions accordingly.

If the sale is for Hostinger Shared hosting (Single/Premium/Business), Cloud hosting (Startup, Professional, Global), VPS 1/2/3/4/5/6 plans, you will receive 60% (sixty percent) Commission. With Revenue Share offers the maximum Commission for one sale is $300. Any applicable taxes, fees, additional services (such as personal information protection), and domain prices are excluded.

For example, if a client bought Hostinger VPS 4 pack for a year and paid 521.99 USD (taxes included), you will be eligible for ($521.99 – $90.59 (VAT 21% (depends on the country)))*60% = $258.84). In total, you will receive a 258.84 USD Commission.

Hostinger affiliate program has proved itself to be a reliable program. Its main goal is to help people learn, create and earn. It pays you for spreading its word.

Hostinger provides a wide variety of banners, up-to-date screenshots, and infographics that affiliate marketers can use to promote the program.


Now we will step into a major part of our review which is the pros and cons section. It will help you to decide whether Hostinger Affiliate Program is for you or not. 

Firstly, we will gather some merits of Hostinger Affiliate Program. Well, there are a huge number of them present. The main aim of Hostinger is to provide complete online freedom. It has an instant sign up (less than 1 minute). It has high conversion rates. Hostinger affiliated program provides you professionally designed assets and a dedicated affiliate manager. It has high commission rates. Free Hostinger affiliate guide and advanced reporting are also a part of this remarkable offer. The minimum payout for Hostinger affiliates is $100 USD. You are provided with Hostinger Affiliated promotional resources. Tracking links are provided to track your commission. Inquiries are answered in time. Free domain and free SSL are included. Professional support is present round the clock. You can join affiliate program for free. You can earn at least 60% from every sale. Hostinger affiliate has many exciting offers for its members who can refer new customers to its hosting service.  It’s known for its affordability and speed; therefore, it is easy for you to convince people. The affiliates would get paid on monthly basis. And above all its safe and reliable. It also offers its client a 30-day moneyback.

Apart from having uncountable benefits, the list also included some demerits. The only payment option is PayPal. The threshold payout is $75. If you don’t reach the threshold payout of $75 within 6 months, the commission balance would get reverted to $0. Hostinger tracking cookies last 30 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral as long as they sign up within 30 days. The eligibility of your profile for Hostinger affiliated program depends on the content of your website or other social links. They manually review all the affiliate applications. They check your application details, the content of your website, YouTube channel, or other social media accounts. The process might take up to 3 business days before your application is accepted. These were some difficulties you might face being a Hostinger affiliate.

Now it’s up to you if you want to join it or not. But for me it is a great program.


Why choosing Hostinger Affiliate Program can be a big question. Well, there are a few services that are special while working as a Hostinger affiliate. These include:

  • YOUR VERY OWN MANAGER: You get your personal affiliate account manager. A marketing expert that will help you promote Hostinger and earn your commission. He is there to guide you and answer your questions.

  • HIGH CONVERSION RATE: Hostinger brand and effective promo materials mean the traffic you send to Hostinger will convert.

  • A SPECIAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Join Hostinger affiliate program and earn. They provide you the best service just a click away.

  • EASY TO START AND MAINTAIN: You can use their assets to earn more. Professionally designed banner packages, seasonal e-books, and more assets to increase conversions. Their program is easy to join and maintain.

These points can be considered as turning points as they just overpower the cons. The highly used web hosting service worth that status.


After your profile is approved, it’s time for you to do your actual work. For that you have to promote Hostinger. Hostinger provides its affiliates with a number of tools, they call "promotion assets". Well, you can use them to attract a huge audience to your site. If you don’t have a website or blog, you can just promote it to your social media accounts. You can also promote it to your YouTube channel or send Emails or Newsletters to your referrals. The more customers you refer, the more income you can earn. However, you need to follow some rules while promoting Hostinger. The affiliates while running PPC campaigns must not directly send traffic to Hostinger. The websites or blogs of affiliates must not contain any illegal content. 

The easiest method of promoting is to write a blog on your website and mention Hostinger link and use its banners or other assets in your blog to bring people towards it. That allows you to make a good commission.


Talking about conclusion I will say that Hostinger is a good-to-go-with site. Its affiliate program is a must try thing. If you have not used Hostinger before, I would suggest you to go check it right now. Enjoy its services and then decide you want to go for its Affiliate program or not. Well since the Hostinger affiliate program is FREE OF COST, you can try it. I mean who doesn't like free stuff. So, this was my review. If you still have any questions, go visit Hostinger. They are quite good with their Q and A.








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