ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review: How to make money with ShareAsale Affiliate Program

ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review: How to make money with ShareAsale Affiliate Program

Are you looking for an honest ShareAsale Affiliate program review ?

Here is the complete guide.

On this article, I will teach you everything you need to know about ShareAsale affiliate program, how it works and it benefits and at the end of this article, you will be able to know if ShareAsale affiliate program is legit or scam.

To make money everyday through affiliate marketing is very simple only if you are able to follow the right procedure, it is one of the most legitimate way to earn.

For those who doesn't understand what affiliate marketing is all about, let me briefly explain it to you.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a different marketing strategy in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for bringing more customers through his marketing efforts. 

For example, if there is a business of clothing.

There are some affiliates of that business. Then those affiliates will market the products of the later business and bring customers to them through their marketing process.

The more customers they can bring to the business as their affiliates, the more commission they will get from the business. This field is good for the people who have great marketing knowledge but are unable to start their own business due to various obstacles. There are various affiliate marketing programs you can consider joining like a ShareASale affiliate program.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The industry has mainly four types of people. 

Merchant: The merchant is the one who has business and sales products or services. They look to connect with the maximum number of people they can and affiliates to help them achieve that.

Affiliate: An affiliate is the one who has great marketing knowledge and can help the merchant reach more to their potential customers. And for this marketing process, the merchants give commission to the affiliates based upon how many customers they have brought to them.

Network: Network means the types of offers affiliates get to choose. There are various kinds of offers that merchants have and affiliates have the luxury to choose one of those according to their needs.

Customer:  Customers are those who buy products and services from the affiliates and help them earn.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing:

  • This process of affiliate marketing helps people to use their marketing knowledge and earn. 

  • It requires no special degrees or educational qualifications and hence anyone who has marketing skills can go for it and earn.

  • Students, working professionals who want to have a side income for them, affiliate marketing works the best.

What is ShareASale? 

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network which is based in Chicago. This company services two types of people. The merchants and the affiliates.  The ShareASale affiliate program is one of the most beneficial affiliate programs you will encounter. To know more about it and join.


Merchants use ShareASale to track, implement and manage their affiliate works. 


Affiliates use ShareASale to find products that they can promote and earn commissions for each referral done. They need to apply their marketing strategies including their blog, social media, email marketing, PPC campaign, Search Engine Optimization process and many more.

So in this way, ShareASale as an affiliate marketing network helps both merchants and affiliates to get their work done.

How does a ShareASale affiliate program work? 

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that has more than 2500 merchants offering various kinds of products and services. As an affiliate, you can choose any of those that suit you and your marketing strategy.  Through your marketing efforts, you have to direct the sales to the merchants' website and in return, you will get a commission for each customer that you have brought for them. It is as simple as it sounds. As an affiliate, your only job is to promote the products or services that you choose through your efforts like on your blog, social media etc., get sales and direct those to the merchants and you are done.

How to make money with the ShareASale affiliate program? 

Making money with the ShareASale affiliate program is not as easy as it looks. It demands dedicated commitment to the skills and the business over a long period. 

  1. It requires the right choice of products or services in the first place. Choosing the wrong product or service to market, you will experience a huge failure. So first study your audiences and the way you are going to market, and then choose the right and profitable products or services that can give you real sales.

  2. After choosing the products, look at the different kinds of offers the merchants have for you. Choose the right one. Because without any special offers, why anyone will be interested in buying from you. So you have to create some special features of buying from you. 

  3. Then comes the proper marketing process. With a complete and workable strategy, appear in the market. Find out your potential customers and try to hook them up in the place where they hang out the most. So make the best use of the internet, social media, emails etc. 

The merchants have two types of payments that they offer to the affiliates. It includes either pay per lead or pays per sale.

Pay per lead:  Pay per lead means that the affiliates will be paid based on the number of customers they direct to the merchants' website. It doesn't depend upon the conversion of those leads into sales. 

Pay per sale: As the name suggests, in this method, the affiliates are paid based on the numbers of the sale that they provide. If any of their leads don't end up in the sale, then that effort will be in vain.

How to sign up for the ShareASale affiliate program? 

Signing up as an affiliate on the ShareASale website is the first thing that you need to do to start directing sales and earning. 

  • Go to shareAsale.com website and click on the affiliate sign up. Then you have to create your user name, Password and select your residence country.

  • List down your primary website and then you have to answer some questions. 

  • Add your email address for the confirmation link.

  • Then you have to select your preferred payment method.

  • At last, read the "user terms of agreement" and select if you agree to it.

  • The confirmation link that has been sent to your email address, click on that and confirm.

With this, you become an affiliate under the ShareASale affiliate program. Now you have to search for merchants of your choice and choose the product or service that you want to market.  You can search for the merchants using keywords, product name or name of the merchants.  Then browse the results you get and join the program that attracts you.

Benefits of joining the ShareASale affiliate program: 

You may ask why you should join ShareASale instead of thousands of other affiliate programs. Here is your answer. 

  • Easy joining process:

The process to join ShareASale is extremely easy and less time-consuming. You don't have to go through a complicated process to be an affiliate at this programme. It is as simple as the signing up process in any website or applications.

  • Timely payment:

This programme doesn't delay your payment. You are paid on the 20th of each month. So if you are working regularly and in a dedicated way, you need not worry about payment.

  • Wider options:

There are a lot of options regarding products and services to choose from. You have the luxury to choose the kind of products or services you want. Apart from this, you have a lot of offers that you can choose and use in your marketing strategy.

  • Higher commission:

The commission percentage can go up to 30%. It depends upon the products or services you are affiliated at and the number of customers you bring to your merchants. So if you work dedicatedly and regularly, you can earn much higher than you would imagine as an affiliate marketer.

Is ShareASale a legit website to work with? 

Now you may have the question in your mind as to whether it is a legit website to work in. The online world is full of frauds, so this is an obvious question. ShareAsale is a complete legit website to work in. It has been there for years and has been providing exceptional results to its affiliates as well as merchants. You can read their reviews on this website. You get your timely payment as per your referrals without any worries. So you don't have to worry about its legitimacy. If you are signing up as an affiliate in ShareASale, you are in safe hands.

How to advertise to make more sales? 

Advertising is the most important thing to make more sales in your affiliate marketing Career. So you have to embrace different and unique strategies to market your products and services because the more you sell, the more you earn.

You can use social media, blogs, email marketing and many more as your way of marketing. Social media is the easiest way to get started because everyone in today's world hangs out in this. So choose your comfortable social media platforms, appear there as an affiliate marketer and start marketing. You can create contents, build a community with trust and then market products that your community needs. 


You can arrange campaigns like PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns to get more sales. 

You can use the chat box to connect to your potential customers, use reviews of your previous customers to build more trust. 

Bottom line:

ShareAsale Affiliate program is one of the easiest and safest ways to start as an affiliate marketer. So without wasting more time, get started with it as soon as possible. If you have ever thought that you can market things well, then this is your chance. This blog probably has cleared all your doubts regarding how to make money with ShareASale affiliate program. Don't waste any more time, Grab it!

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