• How to add your website on Opera News feed

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    As a blogger , you will be seeing a lot of website you know but you will be wondering how comes they are there.

    They are not there automatically but per the owner request.

    Adding your blog to Opera News feed will increase it popularity and boost your website with a lot of traffic.

    You will also be paid 50% of the revenue made from your articles which is another source of income for a blog owners.

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    How do they pay ?
    Opera News feed pay once you reach their $100 threshold.

    How to start
    First of all , you have to send a mail to this email address >>>newsfeed-request@opera.com.

    After few days , you will receive a reply from opera mini agent asking you to write a request including your website link, then you have to send your request according to how you are told.

    You will  get a feedback after your site have been reviewed.

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