• How to make money with Blog9ja income program

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    So many people are finding a way to make money daily but they find the opportunity to come.
    I was introduced to Blog9ja income program by  friend three months ago and i find it helpful to me , that why i want to share with all my followers.

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    First of all you need to know all about blog9ja income program and why you should join.

    What is blog9ja income program ?
    Blog9ja is one of the best income program designed to help both young and older one to earn an extra cash by completing a small task given to them.

    How to start earning with blog9ja income program

    Earning with Blog9ja income program is the easiest thing i have ever seen, all you have to is for you to login daily , read post,comment on post and share it on your social media timeline.

    How Blog9ja income program pay
    Blog9ja income program have different ways of paying it costumers, and here are how they pay.
    1. Sign up
    When signing up with Blog9ja , your account will be credited with 100 Naira.

    But if you sign up directly without using any referral link then you will not receive any bonus.

    2. Login
    If you really want to make a huge income from this program then you have to login everyday.
    Daily login give you 50 Naira.

    3. Posting
    Writing your own content will fetch you 20 Naira each, and you are allowed to post your content 4 times daily.

    4. Commenting
    Blog9ja income program has given it costumer the chance to make money by commenting on post, you earn 5 Naira for each comment you make

    Note: you can't comment more than once in a post.

    5. Sharing of sponsored post
    Do you know you can still make money by sharing post on your timeline ?

     Blog9ja income program for 50 Naira sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline.

    6. Referral
    Blog9ja pay 800 Naira for each costumer that register through your referral link.

    Other benefit
    Any Blog9ja income member have the opportunity to make more extra  money through the following ways:

    1, Your first 50 referral qualify you for a brand new Blog9ja T-shirt and a cash price of 2,500 Naira .

    2. When 250 mwmbers sign up through your referral link , you will be awarded with a brand new Android phone.

    3. When 500 members sign up through  your link , you will be awarded with a brand new mini HP laptop.

    4.when 1000 members sign up through your referral link , you will be rewarded with the sum of 150,000 naira .

    How do i join Blog9ja income program ?
    There are two ways in joining Blog9ja income program .

    1. From referral link
    Every costumer are advised to join from referral link because once you join from referral link then your account will be credited the 100 Naira.

    2. From Blog9ja main site
    Every costumer that join through Blog9ja main site doesn't qualify for the registration bonus.

    Where can i join ?
    To start earning with Blog9ja, you have to deposit the sum of 1,400 Naira and you only pay once in other for your account to be upgrade  from free account to premium account.

    After registration, you will be provided with a method on how to upgrade your account.


    After registration , you will be shown how to pay your fees, you can pay through Bank transfer or through coupon code.

    There are agents asigned to sell coupon code.

    You will see the option on method of payment.

    Blog9ja income program conduct their payment  every weekend , once you crossed the payment threshold then you have to go to withdrawal request on your dashboard and fill you bank details and you will be paid shortly.

    Blog9ja is legit and not scam, they conduct their payout every weekend, you shouldn't be doubting.

    Blog9ja does not allow multiple account from one person, if you are cought then you may risk getting your account suspended.


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