Airtel data plans , prices and subscription codes

Airtel data plans , prices and subscription codes
Am going to talk about Airtel data plans , prices and subscription codes , Airtel data plan prices and their various subscription codes .

We know that many people around the world have been using internet service on their Mobile phone , Android phones and their computer , and you can only do this when you have a data plan on your device .

There are many data plans which you can subscribe to , either on daily ,weekly or monthly plans . On Airtel network , you can buy any data plan of your choice either you can buy Binge plan , Whatsapp plan , social plan and many others .

Here i will list down Airtel data plans and their subscription codes

 How to buy Airtel data plan ?

To buy Airtel data plan , you just need to dial this short code Dial *141#
choose 2 for daily plans
choose 3 for 6GB for 1500 which last for 7 days
choose 4 to buy a social bundle
choose 5 to buy a Binge plan
choose 6 to share data Daily Plans

when you choose daily plan by replying with 2 , here are the options that you will see

1. Daily/weekly bundles on daily plans , there are many good data offers which you can choose from according to your budget

Data PriceData AmountUSSD codeValidity
N10075MB*141*100#1 DAY
N200200MB*141*200#3 DAYS
N300350MB*141*300#7 DAYS
N500750MB*141*500#14 DAYS
N1,0001.5GB*141*1000#30 DAYS
N1,5002.5GB*141*1500#30 DAYS
N2,0003.5GB*141*2000#30 DAYS
N2,5004.5GB*141*2500#30 DAYS
N3,0005.5GB*141*3000#30 DAYS
N4,0007.5GB*141*4000#30 DAYS
N5,00012GB*141*5000#30 DAYS
N10,00025GB*141*10000#30 DAYS
N15,00040GB*141*15000#30 DAYS

Social plans list

Social Plans PriceData AmountUSSD CODESVALIDITY
N2510MB*948*4#1 DAY
N5040MB*991*4#1 DAY
N10080MB*688*3#5 DAYS
N300600MB*688*1#25 DAYS

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    1. Airtel date plans , prices and subscribtion codes : This are ussd codes which can be use in buying cheap Airtel data plans


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