How do i recover my unpublish facebook page ? How to apeal ?

How do i recover my unpublish facebook page ? How to apeal ?
Is your Facebook page got unpublished without your knowledge ?
If yes, see how to republish your unpublished Facebook page.

Few weeks ago , my Facebook page was unpublished automatically , i was wondering how and why my Facebook fans page got unpublished by Facebook team , unfortunately i discovered that it was unpublished for not complying with Facebook term there i was looking for solution without wasting any time .

Steps on how to Republish your Unpublished Facebook page:

Here i will tell you some of the reasons why you get your Facebook page unpublished and those steps i took to get my Facebook page re-published after 72 hours .
First of all , lets talk about what Facebook page is all about, Facebook page is a platform created by Facebook users  to advertise their goods and also share their knowledge to the society.

There are many reasons we get our Facebook fans page unpublished ,

1. Illegal Likes
 We know how hard it is to get our target audience , many people are fun of paying for automated like which is against Facebook policy , so from this your page will likely get unpublished , so avoid purchasing likes .

2. Illegal  marketing on Facebook page

When we talk about illegal marketing , it's about promoting materials like drugs , liquor and erotic videos or photos and weapon , this materials are against Facebook advertising policy standard and once you post this on your page , sorry , your page will be unpublished.

3. Spam post

Spam ? many people doesn't know what we mean by spam when it comes to Facebook post , posting a content repeatedly on a platform is a spam , you have to share a certain content once in a page

4.  Controversial content
Posting something that is a threats to communities , religion and communism is against Facebook standard , avoid posting something of this kind to avoid your page from being unpublished .
5.Copied content
Facebook standard doesn't permit you to post a copyrighted materials on your page , always make sure everything belongs to you .

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How to republished your Facebook page again ?

There are many things that will happen to your business once your Facebook page is unpublished , your costumer will not be seeing your products again , or if you are using it to drive traffic to your website then you are losing everything and you just need to act fast to get your audience engaged again , so this are few steps you should take to get your page re-published again .

1. Deleting of Posts
The first step that you need to take to get your page re-published again is to delete all your post , remember what i told you that it may be because of your post the get your page unpublished , so make sure all your post are being deleted.

How appeal form look like

After you are done with deleting of post , you have to click the appeal button and send your appeal to Facebook team regarding why they should re-published your page with immediate effect .
In your appeal , you have to include the page name and the date your page was unpublished and at the end you include your name as page editor.
After submitting your appeal ,  check back after 72 hour and your page will be live again
Getting your Facebook page unpublished is not the end of the world.

You can get your republish your Facebook page is you key to this guide.

If you fine this post helpful , please don't fail to share it with your friends who are going through the same process or if you have any question please use the comment section , i will attend to you as soon as possible

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