Jumia Affiliate program Review: Is Jumia affiliate program legit or scam ?

Jumia Affiliate program Review: Is Jumia affiliate program legit or scam ?
Jumia Affiliate Program

Finding a proven way to make money through Jumia Affiliate Program ?
Here is the complete guide.

Today , am writing reviews about Jumia affiliate program , a program that is giving many people the chance to make money online by selling product on their website or social media and get some percentage from the sales .

Jumia affiliate program varies across all countries in Africa and has help a lot of youths who find a white colar job hard to come and even those who work for companies or government to make extra income as we all know that no one is satisfy with his monthly salaries even if the person earns million of dollars .

Here i will tell you everything about Jumia affiliate network and i will be discussing about the following points;
1 . What is Jumia Affiliate network ?
2. What is affiliate marketing ?
3.How to make money on Jumia affiliate
4.  Jumia affiliate  legit or scam ?
5. How to sign up

As i said before i want to talk about the points written above and i will telling you everything you need to know and make money online.

What is Jumia Affiliate ?
Jumia as we all know is an ecommerce website where you can buy goods online , it is one of the most poppular online store in Nigeria which extend over 12 countries in Africa  , it was lunched in 2012 .

What is affiliate Marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is the process of helping a company by selling their product  online either by using your website or through emails , you can also sell by refering your friends through your referal link.

How to make money on Jumia affiliate
After signing up on Jumia as an  affiliate  , you have to excercise patience while your account is waiting for approval , once your account is approved  then you can access your dashboard where you will have options on how to prmote their product , you can choose to display banner on your website or  through your referal link on social media .

Is Jumia affiliate legit or scam ?

To make money online through affiliate marketing is on of the simplest job you have to consider doing but that's not all , you have to think about how legit that platform is , i know you wont like to work without being paid or will you like to waste your time on a scam site ? no , you have to be very sure before you do anything , Jumia affiliate program is a legit affiliate program that has been existed since 2012 , though not everyone will be satisfy with what you offer them , on my own experience as their affiliate , they are very good to work with .

How to sign up

To sign up on jumia affiliate , you have to go to www.affiliate.jumia.com , fill the given form and wait till your account is approved .

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