• SalesBlotter affiliate reviews: what is SalesBlotter ? How legit is SalesBlotter ?

    On this article, i will deliberate on SalesBlotter affiliate network and i will tell you what I've learnt since i join this great affiliate network.

    I will be discussing on the following topics
    1. What is SalesBlotter ?
    2. How legit is SalesBlotter  affiliate ?
    3. What are the benefit of joining SalesBlotter affiliate ?
    4. Method of payment
    5.How to sign up on SalesBlotter ?

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    Lets go down together

    1. What is SalesBlotter ?
    SalesBlotter is an online affiliate network which offer all it advertisers   the chance to monetize their website traffics .

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    2. How Legit is SalesBlotter affiliate ?
    When it comes to affiliate programs ,you don't need to think everything is done once you are introduced to it , you have to find out how legit they are and why you should spend your time working with them as many people will tell you that time is money , so you don't have to waste your time on something that you not bring profit to you .

    SalesBlotter is a legitimate affiliate network that been active for a couple of years , i have never come across any one complaining about not getting paid once they reach their minimum threshold .

    3. What are the benefit of joining SalesBlotter affiliate network ?
    Before you join any affiliate network , you have to think about what you will gain from spending your time , SalesBlotter gives you the chance to monetize your website traffics and also the platform is free and easy to access with a powerful online support .

    4. Method of payment ?
    Once you sign up on any affiliate network , you have to think about how you will get paid once you reach the minimum threshold ,  SalesBlotter minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $150 , and their method of payment is through PayPal , Bank wire and Bitcoin and you can withdraw on weekly basis.

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    5. How to sign up on Sales ?
    SalesBlotter is free and easy to use , you just have to go to SalesBlotter website and fill the given form

    you can sign up here


    1. This is something I have never heard of. I am going to have to look into this more. I am looking for ways to be able to monetize my website traffic.

    2. I've been researching affiliate marketing, hadn't heard ofsalesbotter. thanks for sharing

    3. Wow i i never knew that there is something called salesblotter also. All i inew was amazon. Thanks.

    4. Wow! I never knew that Salesblotter existed thank you for informing me.

    5. I never knew about Salesblotter. Thanks for sharing this information.

    6. This seems cool. I've never heard of it before, but I'll definitely look more into it! Im definitely interested in doing so for my website.

    7. I'm still working through the many affiliate sites to see which works best for me. Thanks for the review!

    8. In Conclusion. SalesBlotter is VERY reliable if compared to many other online CPA affiliate networks; although, like any other business, you will still find some unhappy customers out there. if you don't want to end up at the opposite side (losing money)! ⇒ Learning, learning and Learning is the KEY to your Success!

    9. I'm always looking for great ways to help our client's monitize their websites and so far have had pretty decent success with SalesBlotter. I think as it picks up more popularity it will be an even more valuable site! Thanks!

    10. I’ve never heard of this affiliation before. It’s good to understand it before I sign up. Thanks for sharing!

    11. I have never heard of Sales Blotter but it looks like a great way to monetize.


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