Jiji Affiliate Program Review

Jiji Affiliate Program Review

We all know how profitable it is to start and affiliate marketing when you are affiliating with a legit company or individual and when you do it at the right way .

I came across one of the best affiliate program in Nigeria and i will not hesitate to introduce you to it as well as giving you the insight .

Jiji affiliate program is the one am talking about and on this post , you will get to know know how it works , their commission rate and the most important is how legit Jiji Affiliate program .

As a website or a Blog owner , you will be looking for each legit way to monetize your website traffics , it cannot be wasted and Jiji affiliate program offer you the opportunity to do that without paying any amount to start.

Here are the main point that we are going to discuss:
1. What is Affiliate Marketing ?
2. What is Jiji ?
3. How legit is Jiji Affiliate Program
4. The benefit of joining Jiji Affiliate program
5. How to Promote Jiji products
6. How to join Jiji Affiliate program
7. jiji products to be promoted

For the sake of newbie who doesn't know what affiliate marketing is all about , let me start with what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a process of merging or collaborating with an individual or a company in distributing their products to their target audience which will generate sale and from there you will get a commission .
This is not a CPC base where you get paid when someone click on the ads on your blog , here you can only get paid when someone purchase a product through your affiliate link.

What is Jiji ?
Jiji is an online store in Nigeria which sell a lot of products on a physical and online  , they deal with products like  Electronic , Phones , Fashion materials , Home Appliances , Office equipment , Sport materials and etc .

How Legit is Jiji Affiliate program ?
To start affiliate marketing , you must consider how legit they are , like i told you , am affiliated with jIji for the past two years and my experience with them has always been positive , i received payment on many occasion without any case .

What are the benefit of starting Jiji Affiliate program ?
There are many thing to look after while starting an affiliate program , you have to know how legit they are and also the benefits.

The benefits of affiliating with Jiji are many but the most important is the chance of monetizing your website or blog ,  another thing you benefit from Jiji affiliate program is that to sign up as an affiliate is free , you are not paying anything to be an affiliate.
Jiji offer you wide range of products according to different niche which you can choose to suit your audience .

How to promote Jiji products ?
There are ways you can promote Jiji products through your affiliate link .
Website: you can promote your Jiji products on your website by placing the banner on your post .
Social Media: Social media is one of the best place for affiliate marketers to advertise their products for better conversion , Facebook is the world most popular social media platform with over 1 billion users , all you need to do is to share your affiliate links or banner to different group that has a huge number of members , share it on your Facebook pages and also on your timeline .

Twitter is another popullar social media platform for advertising , on  twitter you only need to place your affiliate link and banner on your timeline .
you can also share your link and banner to your email subscription list .

How to become Jiji Affiliate ?
To become Jiji affiliate , you need to go to their main page and click on sign up button , fill the given form  then wait for a day or two for your application is reviewed.
You can register through this link

Here is how the registration form will look like

Products to promote ?
Jiji offer you a wide range of products to promote ranging from Electronic , Phones , Fashion materials , Home Appliances , Office equipment , Sport materials and etc .

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