• Dealdey Affiliate program Review

    Making money online is a dream for everyone , as a Nigerian , you cannot wait to be employ by a company or Government  because of the population in the country , so  i decided to come up with this article about Dealdey affiliate program ,  a program that has been changing a million of people life in the country .

    Affiliate program works differently with Ads campaign network where you earn from people clicking on your ads ,  on Affiliate marketing , you earn when someone purchase a product through your link then a company or an individual will pay you a commission from the resulting sales .
    Now that you know all this , i want to tell you everything you need to  will want to know about Dealdey affiliate program , how it work and at the same time , you will be able to know if Dealdey affiliate program is Legit or scam .

    Here are the points we are going to discuss here :
    1. What is Dealdey ?
    2. What are the benefit of Joining Dealdey affiliate program ?
    3. How legit is Dealdey Affiliate program ?
    4. How to join Dealdey Affiliate Program ?
    5. How to  promote your Dealdey affiliate links?
    6. Commission rate

    What is Dealdey ?
    Dealdey is an online daily deal website which sell products on different categories ,  Dealdey offer you products like Home appliances ,Phones , Electronic , Gadget , Fashion materials like shoes ,cloths , jewelries and more .

     Benefit of Joining Dealdey Affiliate Program
    when you sign up to any affiliate program or any online program , you must consider what you will gain from it , yes that is right , because there are those scam affiliate program around the web .
    When you sign up with Dealdey as an affiliate , you are exposed to where you will make huge and passive income on daily basis .

    When a costumer order for any product through your affiliate link , you will be paid 500 Naira plus the percentage you will get depending on the category of the product , this mean you are earning from two sources .

    When you sign up as an affiliate with Dealdey , it is free , you don't pay any kobo to register and all the material like affiliate links and banner are also free , this is amazing , isn't it , yes it is .
    As an affiliate to any company or an individual , you will always want to put in your best for better result , Dealdey compensate all their top performer on monthly basis .

    You know how hard it is to withdraw money from other affiliate program , they may want to pay you through PayPal which we the Nigerian are not allow to use , but Dealdey pay you commission direct to you Bank account without any service charge.
    You will also have full support from the Dealdey team and also 30 days cookies lifetime.

    Dealdey Commission Rate
    Dealdey pay their commission depending on the category the product belong .
    Here are the list of commission rate
    Default = 5%
    Fashion materials = 10%
    Home appliances = 5%
    Gadget = 3%
    Carry-go = 5%

    How to join Dealdey Affiliate program
    Like i told you that to join Dealdey affiliate program is free , just follow this link and fill the given form , then wait for your application to be reviewed  , when your account is approved , you will be given a partner ID and password through your email address , then make sure you reset your password .

    How to reset your password
    Once you receive your partner  ID and password , the first thing you do is to reset it , just log in to your dashboard and click on reset password button , fill the form given to you and save it .

    How to promote Dealdey products 
    You can promote Dealdey product with your affiliate link and banner on your website or social media platform like Facebook and Twitter

    Sign Up as Dealdey Affiliate here

    I know you will find this article useful , please don't forget to share it with your friends , if you have any question regarding this article , please comment below or use our contact us page

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