Guides on How to include your website to NewsNow

Guides on How to include your website to NewsNow
Do yo want to add your website to NewsNow News feed ?

If yes,Here is the Guides to how to include your website on NewsNow 

On this article , i will give you all  the basics about how to to include your website toNewsNow feed and also the benefit of including your website on NewsNow network .

Bloggers all over the world have been searching for ways to drive traffic to their website , as we all know that search engine traffic remain the best source , social media platform like Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and etc are also the biggest source to drive traffic to your blog , NewsNow just like Opera News feed is another way to drive traffic just free without paying any dime .

Now i will show you how to add your website to NewsNow news feed
I know you may come across the name NewsNow for the very first time and you don't know what it is all about , yes let me explain to what NewsNow is all about .

What is NewNow ?

Newsnow is a UK leading news aggregation  website It was launched in1998  , it  connect thousands of news website , NewNow display news headlines of different top website with different categories like football , politics , business and etc.

What is the benefit of including your website to NewsNow ?

There are many things you can benefit from publishing your website on NewsNow Network , First of all as a blogger , NewsNow is a website visited across the world with over two million viewers daily , this means you have the chance to drive real and human traffic to your blog .

How to qualify ?
For you to be able to include your website to NewsNow , your website must be active and engaging  with quality content for the past six months and also comply with their publishers network terms and condition ,Editorial standard ,code of conduct , issue resolution procedures and  technical requirement .

Another important thing is that as a news blogger of sports , football and politics niche must accept to display their logo on their website homepage .
Make sure your blog post doesn't contain grammatical ,punctuation or spelling error and also make sure your website design look professional .

Note that if you are running too much ads on your blog then there is a high chance your application get rejected.

Note that if you are a premier league blogger then your website will be rejected due to the high numbers of premier league websites already included only if you can add more value than those that were already there .

How to apply ?

For your website to be included to NewsNow Newsfeed , it is free , Just click Here and fill the given form , wait while your website is reviewed and you will get the feedback as soon as possible.

Adding your website to NewsNow news feed is free and easy if you key to this guide.
Share this information with friends and family also because they may be in need of this, thank you.

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