Konga Affiliate Program Review: How to make money with Konga affiliate program

Konga Affiliate Program Review:  How to make money with Konga affiliate program
Are you looking for an honest Konga Affiliate Program Review ?

Here is it.
Konga Affiliate Program Review:  How to make money with Konga affiliate program

Konga affiliate program also called yuboss afffiliate is one of the top affiliate program in Nigeria for those whose aim is to make money online by advertising products on their website or social media .

Everyday , we will be looking for something to engage with , since it is hard to get employed by a company or by Government , Affiliate marketing is a very cool way to earn a real income on daily basis even without investing .

Konga affiliate offer you the chance to promote thousands of product such as home appliance , cloths , electronics and many others and its just like Payporte , Jumia , and SalesBlotter which we talked about in our previous post .

On this article , i will tell you the basics of Konga affiliate program , How Konga affiliate program works , the benefit of joining Konga affiliate program ,How to start Konga affiliate program and the main thing i will let you know is how legit is Konga affiliate program .

• What is Affiliate program ?
• What is Konga ?
• How legit is Konga Affiliate program ?
• Different Konga Services that help  Sales ?
• How to Sign Up on Konga Affiliate Program ?
• Konga Affiliate Commision Rate ?
• How to promote Konga Product ?
• Where to promote Konga Affiliate Product ?
• Types of Affiliate Programs you should join ?

What is Affiliate marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is an act of  collaborating with a company or an individual in advertising their products and services and also getting commission from the resulting sales .

On this platform , you can only get paid when someone purchase a product through your affiliate links which you advertise on your website or social media platform .

This is very different with Adsense or other Ads company which pay it advertisers per click , affiliate marketing works on CPA base .

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What is Konga ?
Konga is one of the most popular eCommerce shops in Nigeria founded by a Nigerian named Sim Shagaya ,  Konga.com deals with different types of products like Electronics , home appliances , Books , , children items , health products , cloths , shoes and lots more .
Konga affiliate program is also called Yuboss affiliate program

Different Konga Service That Help to Make Deals easy
Konga has developed platforms which help to make transactions and deliveries easy to be made .
This platform are :

1. Konga Express: Konga express enable products to reach the buyers with ease and within three days of  order , this means if you order for any product online , it will be delivered with 1-3 days depending on your location.

2. Konga Pay : Konga pay is a service that allow you to easily purchase any Konga product through your bank account , this platform is only made for Nigerian Banks .
This service was launched in 2015.

3. Konga Self-Fulfill Model : this service was  made just for for quick delivery ,  on this service , the merchant will only have to book for way bills and then the partner will go and claim his goods.

4. Konga Marketplace : Konga was able to create  Konga mall and stores which enable people who are unable to purchase online to buy anything they need with ease

5. Konga affiliate marketing:  Konga affiliate marketing is one of the biggest way konga products are sold , on this platform , millions of products can be sold on daily basis through peoples website , social media platform or through email promotion .

There is no amount of money demanded for investment or a physical shop ,  you can make thousands of dollars only to advertise their product on your website , once someone order for  the product , then you as an affiliate will get commission

How Legit is Konga Affiliate program

To start affiliate program , one of the most important aspect to look for is to know if they are legit or not , Konga affiliate program  is legit and deserve to work with , konga affiliate program is safe and you are getting your commission once someone complete any purchase through your affiliate links .

How to promote Konga products ?
As i told you at the start of this discussion , Konga offers you a wide range of products to promote , this varies from electronic items , Fashion items , children items , healthcare products and many others , this offer you the chance to make a huge amount of money .
Konga products can be promoted on your website as a source of monetizing your website traffics , through your social media platform or through your email subscription list .

Where to promote  konga products ?
Website :  Website is one of the most popular place to promote Konga products , here you can generate a huge number of sales if you get a huge number of visitors on your website  , what you have to do is to create a website , you can use blogger platform which is free or you go for paid hosting which will allow you to add any affiliate product you will want to , one of the disadvantage of blogger  is that you will not have not have the freedom  to do what you want as some feature will be limited.

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Social Media : social media is another great place to advertise and promote Konga products as there are thousands of users using it .
Here are the social Media platform that you should  use
Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with more than 1 billion users .
Facebook :   the most important thing to do is to create a Facebook page and groups , then invite your friends to join .
After you have a good number of people in your group and  page then start sharing your affiliate link and banners of the product you want to sell.

You can also join a group that has a huge numbers of members so that your advert can reach a large number of audience and better conversion.
You can also run a Facebook ads to promote your affiliate link which is going to cost you a little money .

Twitter : Another good place to advertise your affiliate links and banner is on Twitter , this is also one of the most popular place to advertise your goods for free .

Konga Affiliate Commission Rate 
Konga offer you a commission rate depending on the category of items you sale , on fashion category , you earn 9% of every sale you make , for Kids products like toys , you earn 5% , you earn 3% on home and kitchen appliances also the same rate on electronic items .

How to sign up as Konga Affiliate 
 To sign up as Konga Affiliate is free , you just need to go to their web page at Konga, then fill the given form and wait for your account to be approved .

You can sign up here

The image below is how the registration form look like

 Benefit of Joining Konga Affiliate Program 
There are many things you can gain from joining Konga affiliate program , the most important thing is that you have the opportunity to earn a passive income even without investing , to those who own a website will have the opportunity to monetize their traffic with ease .

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Konga affiliate program is safe and good to spend time for , their commission rate is good and they are legit , not scam .

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