Vconnect Affiliate Program Review

Vconnect Affiliate Program Review
When it comes to monetizing of website , affiliate marketing is one of the best method to choose
I've come across some affiliate program but i have never come across one that is better like Vconnect affiliate program .

Since i can not enjoy this alone , i want to share it with you so that you will be making passive income through your website .

I will tell you everything you need to know about Vconnect affiliate program , how it works and at the same time you will know if it is legit or scam .

Vconnect Marketplace
There are many places where you can sell your products online as there are many people who won't like going out for shopping , they will just stay at home and get exactly what they want with ease .
Vconnect is one of the place where you can shop , or hire an expert to help out in your business , either in repairing your home or office equipment or hire someone to work for you on any field .

Vconnect affiliate is the best way to make money online , on this article , i will be talking about the following points:

1. What is affiliate Marketing ?
2.What is Vconnect ?
3.How Legit is Vconnect Affiliate program
4. Benefits of signing up as Vconnect Affiliate
5. How to advertise your Vconnect Affiliate link
6. Products to be advertise as Vconnect Affiliate
7. What type of service are carried out on Vconnect
8. How to Sign Up as Vconnect Affiliate

Vconnect Marketplace
What Is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing like we always say , is a collaboration with an individual or a company in selling their products and at the same time get some commission .

This mean you are just merging with someone who has the products already but you only help them in distributing the products to those who are interested , once they pay for the product then you will be entitle to receive a commission

What is Vconnect ?
Vconnect is a number one Marketplace in Nigeria where you can sell your goods and also buy goods from others .
Vconnect is also a place where you can hire experts for your business and also experts who can help in repairing home and office equipment
You can also hire people to work for you as a cleaner.

How Legit is Vconnect Affiliate Program
Vconnect is a number one online marketplace which varies across different countries in Africa , it is a place where you can buy good and also sell your products without any service charge .
As an affiliate to a company , won't you mind to know if the person or a company that you are affiliated with is legit ?
Yes , you will likely do so , to boost your confidence , i will like to tell you that Vconnect affiliate program is legit .
They pay all their affiliate their commission without any failure and their 24 hours support system has really help when you come across any difficulty .

Benefits of signing up on Vconnect Affiliate
As an affiliate to any company or individual , before you sign up with them , there is one important thing that will motivate you to start , you will look at the benefits and what will be your gain .

Vconnect offer you as an affiliate the chance to monetize your website traffic for free , with Vconnect , their commission rate is too good .

Registration as Vconnect is free and everything you need to advertise products is free

As a marketer , there are many things you can benefit from when you sign up with Vconnect , there is no service charge when you sell or buy anything from vconnect .

With Vconnect , you will likely find your target audience which means you will get more people who are interested in your service .

  How to Advertise your Vconnect affiliate link
After your account has been approved by Vconnect , you have to start advertising your affiliate links and banners so that you will be able to get customers to buy their goods , the most important places you can advertise your link is on your website , you just need to integrate your banners on your articles so that your visitors will be able to see and also share your affiliate links on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter , you can also advertise your links and banner through your email subscription list.

Products to be advertise as Vconnect affiliate
Vconnect is number one marketplace in Nigeria , they offer wide range of products that will enable you make some real money .
Their List of products are :
Electronic Equipment
Health and Beauty  equipment
Children Materials and Toys
Landed properties and more
What type of service are carried out on Vconnect
There are many services that can be carried out on Vconnect , here are the list of services  that can be carried out on Vconnect:
 Home Repairs: On this area , you can hire an expert who can  help you repair the following home appliances like Air Condition installation and repair , Generator repairer , Laptop repairer  ,Inverter installation and repair and phone , you can also hire an  Electricians  .

Home and office cleaning: On this area , you can hire an expert who can help you carry out the following home or office cleans ups like  Floor  ,Office ,Fumigation , Furniture ,House , Curtain 

Event Management: On this section , you can hire and expert on the following field , Wedding Planners , Catering service for any event ,Cake Bakers for your birthday or wedding, Photographer for any event and  Party Planning

 Business Services: On this field , you can hire an expert who can help you on the following ,  Visa Agents , Real Estate Agents Branding , Website Design Training ,Insurance , you can also hire a content writer for your website and also get Loans offer from top business men with a certain interest to be paid at the end .

How to sign up on Vconnect Affiliate
To sign up on Vconnect Marketplace is free , you don't pay any amount of money to be registered , all you need to do is , go to Vconnect, click on sign up and fill the given form , make sure you give all the required details so that your application will be accepted.

Here is how the registration form will look like :

You can also log in to Vconnect dashboard with your google account or with your Facebook account which is the easiest way to access the Vconnect dashboard.
You can also send your application to careers@vconnect.com

Vconnect varies across many countries in Africa like Nigeria ,     Ghana , Rwanda ,Kenya , Rwanda, South Africa , Tanzania and Zimbabwe

How to contact Vconnect Agents
Vconnect contact service is available 24 hours daily , you can contact them regarding anything you need as an affiliate or a marketer , or you want to register your business with them .
 You can contact them through this email address :marketing@vconnect.com
You can also contact them through this phone number :09070400695

Vconnect Head Office
Vconnect head office is located at  number 203, 2nd floor, Herbert Mcaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

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    1. Vconnect affiliate program review: How to make money online with Vconnect affiliate program.

      Thank you so much Mr. Obyke Nonny , i will put this into practice , i appreciate your work


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