• 5 Best affiliate Programs in Nigeria

    This is the 5 best affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Are you looking to earn from affiliate marketing , on this post , i will be talking about the top 5 best affiliate programs in Nigeria  , Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to start making money online ,  you can make money with affiliate marketing even without investing , Nigeria with over 8 million of unemployed youth looking to earn with affiliate marketing but there are few legitimate affiliate programs you should consider .

    There are things that we consider before we include each affiliate program on this list , we consider how legit they are , their commission rate  and  many other things .

    I know many people do not know what affiliate marketing is all about and how affiliate works , on this article , i will give you the guides and basics of affiliate marketing , i  will tell you the top 5 best affiliate programs in Nigeria .

    • What is Affiliate Marketing ?
    • How affiliate marketing works ?
    • How to earn with Affiliate Marketing ?
    •  Benefit of starting affiliate marketing ?
    • What to consider before starting affiliate ?
    • Affiliate Commision Rate ?
    • Top 5 affiliate programs in Nigeria   ?
    • How Legit is Affiliate marketing ?
    • why you should start affiliate marketing ?

    What is Affiliate marketing ?
    Affiliate Marketing is process of merging or collaborating with a company or an individual in promoting their products online and getting commission from any resulting sales , this means you are only paid when someone buy a product you advertise on your website or social media platform .
    This is quite different from Adsense or Propeller Ads where you earn when a visitor click on your ads.

    How affiliate marketing works ?
    With Affiliate marketing , you earn when someone purchase a  product through either their affiliate link or banner , this process is called CPA , cost per acquisition , you can advertise your affiliate link and banner on your website or social media handles , once an interested visitor click on it and complete the payment then it will be reviewed and approved the sale.

    How to earn with affiliate marketing ?
    To earn with affiliate marketing will look very difficult when you are not doing in on the right way but once you do it in the right way then consider yourself a millionaire , to earn with affiliate marketing , you need  to have a huge number of visitors on your website and also own a Facebook page and a large Facebook group where you can advertise .

    you can also join a group with a large number of members so that you advertisement can reach a large number of audience .

    Once you have this in place , then you can start placing your links and banner of thr products you want to promote .

    Benefit of starting affiliate marketing ?
    There are many benefits when you start affiliate marketing , with affiliate marketing , you don't need to invest before you can enroll in any affiliate program and this is one of it biggest benefit , another benefit of starting affiliate program is that you don't need to spend much time and you don't need a physical shop before you start .

    As for bloggers who are looking for a way to monetize their website , affiliate marketing is the other option , with affiliate marketing you can earn a lot of money compare to Adsense or other CPC network .

    What to consider before starting affiliate program ?
    Before you start an affiliate program , there are certain thing to consider , you must asses the affiliate network to know if the worth spending time for.

    How  legit they are : Yes , before you start any affiliate  program , you need to know if they are legit and worth spending time on , on the top 5 list of affiliate programs am writing about here , they are legit and worth trying .

    Commission Rate : There are many affiliate programs around the web with different communion rate , some offer their commission base on they type of products the deal with and section .

    Top 5 Affiliate program you should join :

    1. Konga Affiliate program
    Konga is an online shop in Nigeria which deals which deals with a wide range of products on different categories ,  they deals with Electronic products , Fashion products , Health and beauty products , School material and children materials .

    With Konga affiliate program , you can make a lot of money on daily basis without investing or opening a physical shop .

    Konga affiliate program is one of the best affiliate program in Nigeria with a huge commission rate , Konga affiliate program was founded many  years ago and is legit and worth working for .

    2 .Jumia Affiliate program
    Jumia is one of the most popular eCommerce website in Nigeria , the deal with different type of products like Fashion materials , Electronic products , Children materials , Phone and many other thing , with Jumia affiliate program , you have a wide range of products to advertise on your website or social media platform depending on your niche .

    Jumia Affiliate program is legit and they offer a huge commission rate , their costumer support center if effective for 24hours a day to avoid any inconveniences .

    To sign up with Jumia affiliate program is free .

    3 .Payporte Affiliate program
    Payporte is an online store just like Konga and Jumia , they deals with products like Electronics , Fashion , Children materials , books , phones , Laptops and etc.

    They offer free home delivery service and good online support to any of their costumer .
    Payporte was founded by a Nigerian called Eyo Bassey and it is now the one of the most popular eCommerce website in Nigeria .

    Payporte affiliate program offer you a chance to make money by promoting their products on either your website or through your social media platform , you can also promote payporte products through your email subscription list .

    To sign up as Payporte affiliate is free , is not a must that you own a website as you can promote your affiliate links through you social media platform .

    Payporte affiliate program is legit and they also offer a good commission rate .

    4. SalesBlotter Affiliate program
    SalesBlotter is on of the most poppular affiliate network which offer it advertisers the chance to make money by promoting products on their website or social media platform .

    Salesblotter is a legit Affiliate network which offer a good and attractive commission rate , their Minimum threshold for withdrawal is $150 and you can withdraw through your paypal or skrill .

    As a blogger or a website owner , you may need to monetize your website traffic , so SalesBlotter is recommended and worth trying .

    5. Tamodo Affiliate program
    Tamodo is a top affiliate network which gives you the chance to earn a by advertising their affiliate links and banners on your website .
    Tamodo affiliate program is a legit affiliate program and offer it advertisers a good commission rate .
    Benefit of joining Tamodo affiliate program is that you can make money without investing a money and also offer you a free advertising tools which you can use on your website or social media platform .

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