Ngadverts Review: Is Ngadverts legit or scam

Ngadverts Review: Is Ngadverts legit or scam
Are you looking to monetize your website with Ngadverts , here is the honest review on  Ngadverts .
When i started my first website few years ago ,  i was lucky to get Adsense approved , we all know how hard it is to be approved by google adsense .

Adsense is the most popular ads network in the world  , we all know this but after some months , my adsense account was disabled , i was looking for another way to monetize my website and luckily a friend of mine introduced me to Ngadverts .

There are many other Ads network around the world in which we can choose as adsense alternative or a platform to monetize your website , but here i  will tell you the experience i get since i started monetizing my website with Ngadverts .

On this article , i will discuss on the following points :

 What is Ngadverts ?

Ngadverts is an advertising network which gives bloggers and website owners the chance to monetize their website by placing ads on their website and getting paid when a visitor click on those ads.

 Is Ngadverts legit or scam ?
We know very well the major things to look after when looking for sources to monetize your website traffic , many people prefer google over any other ads network but as an alternative or your main source of monetization , people always ask if Ngadverts is legit or scam , they are not scam ,  Ngadverts is the legit way to monetize your website ,  they are legit and their publishers are paid on due time .

Though  you will still meet with people with bad comment about this legit ad network , many people will not be paid if their activities are not legit , example is when they are paying for fake traffic and clicks which is one of the reason they may get their payment withheld .

Ngadverts has a tool which can detect  when you are using bot traffic or pay people to click on your ads

What is Ngadvert Cost Per Click (CPC) ?
Ngadverts cost per click range from 7 Naira to 40 Naira per click , There is no ad network that pay upto this , even adsense CPC for people in Nigeria is lower than this , this means their CPC offer is good .
when an advertiser pay for adverts , Ngadverts pay their publishers 70% of the money and go with 30% of it  which is good .
You can earn upto 10000 Naira per month depending on your traffic.

Ngadvert minimum payout ?
Ngadverts minimum payout is set at 2500 Naira , once you earn up to this amount , you can request for withdrawal and your payment will be processed within 24 hours .

Method of payment from Ngadvert ?
Before you start any online earning activities , you have to consider the method they use while paying their workers , Ngadverts pay their publishers direct to their respective bank account .

Benefit of signing up with Ngadvert ?
Ngadverts is one of the best advertising network after Adsense , with Ngadverts , you have the opportunity to monetize your website and earn a passive income .
Ngadvert does not charge any fee for registration .

How to sign up with Ngadvert ?
To sign up with Ngadverts as a publisher or advertiser ? click this link
and give the information required , you will be sent an email to confirm your registration .
After confirming the registration of your account ,  you have to wait for at least 24 hours for your account to be approved .
After your account has been reviewed and approved then it is time to create an ad unit and place it on your website.

What is Ngadvert alternative ?
If your Ngadverts account is not approved then you can't relax , you have to find alternative , Adnaira is another great ad network that offer similar commission rate and they are also legit.

How to Contact Ngadverts costumer care ?
if you have any difficulty regarding Ngadverts as an advertiser or affiliate , you can contact Ngadverts representative on whatsapp or call through this number +2348181610450
or join their facebook group through this link Facebook
While publishers can join Yusocial group through this link. yusocial
This is where you can ask question and get answers .

Why Ngadverts ?
Ngadverts is Nigeria most popullar ads network which gives advertisers the chance to advertise their products on thousands of website across the web and also give the publishers the chance to make money by placing ads on their website .
Ngadverts offer the best costumer support to all it publishers and advertisers .

To make money online everyday , you must work very hard , Ngadverts require unique and original content  and this will really improve your earning  .
Since you are lucky to come across this  please do well to share it with your friends and family .
Also don't forget to drop your comment below because we will like to know your experience too.

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