• Bizo Income Program Review :is Bizo income program legit or scam ?

    Income program is one of the most legit way to make money online, it is easy to start and easy to earn.
    On this Bizo income program review , i will share with you all the vital information about Bizo income program and at the end , you will be able to know everything related to Bizo income program.

    What is Bizo income program ?
    Bizo income program is a platform where you complete few activities and earn a lot of money .
    Bizo income program was launched on the 25 may 2020 , it is one of the newest income program on the web .

    Though you may have doubts about how legit and how long Bizo income program will last due to the number of crashed income programs .
    If you keep on doubting , this mean you are passing away some good opportunity to make money , am so happy that you have come across this post , i want to assure you that Bizo income  is quite different and they are here to stay.

    How  does www.bizo.ng income program works ?
    Bizo income program is an online program created to eradicate poverty in the country , Bizo income program gives you the opportunity to earn passive income even when you are at home .

    Who can join Bizo income program ?
    Bizo income program is open for every interested person who is willing to earn , you can join Bizo income program even if you are employed by government or a company .
    You just need to create at least two hours for yourself so that you can take part of it daily activities .

    Benefit of joining Bizo income program ?
    There are many things you can benefit when you join Bizo income program , If you don't have any work to do , bizo income program can be your bigest source of income and for the employed , you can add a passive income to your monthly salary , this will help you in taking care of yourself and your family needs.

    How to Join Bizo income program ?
    To join Bizo income program , you need to go to Bizo.ng home page .
    Click on sign up
    Fill the given form with the required information .
    Go to your email and confirm your registration so that you can get access to your Bizo dashboard.
    You can sign up through this link .
    Then after registration , you have to upgrade your account to silver package or gold package so that you can start earning .

    Below is how Bizo income program registration form look like
    Bizo income registration form

    How much can i earn with Bizo silver package ?
    To earn with Bizo silver package , you need to pay a one time registration fee of N1000 to activate your account .
    Daily Log in : A silver member earn N50 once you log in to your Bizo account , this is done once a day .
    Sharing of sponsored post :You earn N150 for sharing a sponsored post on your Facebook dashboard .

    How much can i earn with Bizo gold package ?
    Bizo gold package gives you the opportunity to earn two times of what silver package members earn daily .
    To Join Bizo Gold member , you need to pay a one time registration fee of N2000 to upgrade your account .
    Daily Log in :
    You earn N100 once you log in to your Bizo dashboard , this is done once in a day.

    Sharing of sponsored post :
    Each sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline will earn you N300.

    Referral Bonus?
    Referral is one of the best way to rapidly increase your earning , each member that register with Bizo income program through your unique referral link will earn you N500 .

    Is referral compulsory before withdrawal ?
    No , referral is not compulsory and one can withdraw his or her earning without having any one registered through him .

    How to Log in to your dashboard ?
    Once you have paid the  activation fee , then you can log in to your dashboard through www.bizo.ng .

    To make money online with Bizo income program can be as easy as nothing , you will just need to spend even less than 2 hours a day to archive what you need .
    Why must you wait again , join Bizo income program today and smile to your bank everyday .
    Don't forget to share this great information to your friends and love ones .
    If you have any question related to Bizo income program , you can use the comment section of this post and i will et back to you as soon as possible .

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