Domainking Affiliate Program Review : Domainking affiliate program legit or scam ?

Domainking Affiliate Program Review : Domainking affiliate program legit or scam ?
This Domainking Affiliate program review is based on my personal experience with Domainking Affiliate program , i will be sharing with you what I've learnt since working with them and i will tell you everything you need to know before you affiliate with Domainking .

After reading this Domainking review then you will have a clear understanding on how Domainking Affiliate program works.

What is Domainking ?
Domainking is the best web hosting and domain registrar in Nigeria which has register and host more than two hundred thousand domain and websites across the web.
They offer free SSL certificate when you host your website with them and 24 hours customer support.

Domainking Affiliate program ?
Domainking affiliate program offer you the opportunity to earn a lot of commission by directing people to host their website with them .
Domainking affiliate is different from Jumia or payporte affiliate program where a visitor need to buy a product from different categories before you can get a commission but once someone pay for any hosting plan through your affiliate link or banner then you are going to earn from it .

How Domainking Affiliate program works ?
Like many other affiliate programs , Domainking affiliate program works when you refer a customer to pay for hosting service through your affiliate link or banner you placed on your website or social media platform then you get paid .

Is Domainking Affiliate program legit or scam ?
The answer here is that Domainking affiliate program is legit and not scam.
Though many people will be writing comments about them , not everyone will be satisfy with what they see , they may have bad experience when they are  not doing it at the right way .
For me , i joined Domainking affiliate program 3 years ago and i can testify that i do receive my commission once i reach the minimum threshold .
They are legit and worth trying.

Benefits of Joining Domainking Affiliate program ?
Before you can jump in to any affiliate program , you have to know the advantages and what the offer that will benefit you their affiliate .
Domainking pay 500 Naira bonus once you sign up with them as an affiliate .
They give you everything you need to advertise for free .

How to Sign up as Domainking Affiliate ?
Go to Domainking Sign Up page and fill the required information .
Go to your registered email address and confirm your registration and log in to your account .
Go to your dashboard , you will see Affiliate  , click on it and activate your affiliate account and you will see your unique affiliate link.

Below screenshot is how Domainking registration form look like

Where to Share your Affiliate links and banners ?
Before you can get people to register for hosting through your affiliate links so that you can get commission , you have to share it on different platform .

Here are popular platform where you can share your affiliate links and banners:
Website : Website remain the best place to share your affiliate links , when your website have enough visitors to it then there is a possibilities you can generate enough sales.

You can share your Domainking affiliate link by inserting it between your article and o your sidebar .
Social Media : Social media offer you the opportunity to generate sales by sharing your affiliate links and banners with your family and friend , you might not know who is interested in the service you render until you start sharing it .

You can share your affiliate links on Facebook  or twitter .
You can generate a lot of sales if you share it on your Facebook timeline , Facebook page and groups with good amount of members .

Domainking Affiliate commision rate ?
Domainking pay their affiliate 10% of every sales you make .

Why you should join Domainking affiliate program ?
Domainking affiliate program is trusted and legit , with Domainking affiliate program , you have the chance to make thousand daily without investing or opening a physical shop.

Why you should host your website with Domainking ?
Domainking web hosting service is reliable and trusted .
Their service is cheap and affordable and their offer you a 24 hours support .

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