How to create Engaging Facebook page for your Business

How to create  Engaging Facebook page for your Business

 Many people always want to know how to create an engaging Facebook page , how to build a popular and active Facebook page , when we talk about engaging Facebook page , we mean a Facebook page with a huge numbers me followers and likes as well as a good number of visit per a post .


how to create engaging Facebook  page


Facebook page look a great place where you can build a very big audience for your business irrespective of the type of business you go into , you will surely have someone who might be interested .

Facebook page can help improve sales which , it will help you get enough income and also bring in new and active costumers to your business , so it is advisable you create a page for your business after reading this post .

on this article , i will guide you on how to create an engaging Facebook page for your business and how to get more followers and likes , you will know the benefits of creating a Facebook page for your business .

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Many people just think that Facebook is just a social media platform where you meet with your new  and old and have conversation with them , no , Facebook has the power to improve your business level as well as your living standard , you can make multi-million dollars with Facebook but as we are going through this post , i will take you through the steps .

Before you can even plan of having a Facebook said , you must first of all have a Facebook account , if you don't have it , please visit Facebook Sign up and create your account , if you have gotten an account already then you need to follow this few steps to creating an engaging Facebook page .

How to create engaging facebook page


4 Steps in creating a Facebook page.

1. Build your page
Do you know that your Facebook page is the central place to grow your business ? yes , like i said that Facebook has the power to make you rich , your page can be the real source of your income , Where you make sales , get more new customers and meeting new people who are interested in your business , all you need to do is for you to build your brand and start developing a good relationship with your customers .

Step 1
Create page : To create a Facebook page is free and easy to do , it only take few minutes to get your it started , just Log in to your Facebook account , Click on menu , then Click on pages , there you will see "create page" Click on it .
Fill the given form , choose category and your page name , note that this name represent your business brand so it is advisable you use your business name, pick a logo or any image that is associated with your business as your profile picture and your cover photo , write a description about your page , this will help speak to people what your page is all about , choose a memorable web address for your page because this will be an ideal in promoting your presence on Facebook .

View insights , always create post and respond to your personal messages from your followers.

Invite your friends to like your page
After you have successfully create your Facebook page then you must now think of how to make it engaging , how you will get more likes and followers , You have thousands of friends and followers on your list and they might be quite interesting in your business , just Invite them to like your page , tell your friends and family about it and they might find it interesting too .

Share your page to groups
there are many Facebook groups with millions of members out there, what you just need to do is to join them , you must be a member of a group before you can post or comment so you make sure you join as many groups as you can , not all the groups allow members to post randomly but if you can join many groups then you will come across some groups where you can post without needing approval , create post on your page and share it to those groups you have joined , also create post on the groups about your business and add your page link to it , this will help bring in people who are interested in your page.

step 4
 Create a post that your visitors will be interested about , don't allow your post to always be about the products you want to sell , know what type of article your visitors are interested in , reply to their messages , add your phone number so that they can contact you if there is any need , add your email address and your website address so that they will not think it is a scam  .


To be successful in any business , you need to work very hard, so to create an engaging Facebook page . people do say that Rome was not built in a day , Facebook page is not magic and there is not cheat in growing a Facebook page, you gradually grow your page till you get your desired result.
you need to get the right audience, people who are interested in what you offer and not numbers of likes , your page will be engaging if your followers are interested in what you offer , you should avoid misleading them , remember what brought them to your page.

After learning how to create an engaging Facebook page , share this information to your friends and love ones , they be also interested in it.

Engage with your audience
engaging with your audience is one of the most important thing you need to do , this will help

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