How to start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook ( step-by-step guide )

How to start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook ( step-by-step guide )

How to start  Affiliate marketing on Facebook ?

Here is it  

How to start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook 

 Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world and many people it is a place where you meet with your friends and family and have conversation with them , make new friends and share your feeling with people but there are many secret things that people do not know , Facebook is a place where you chat , and express your feelings with friends no doubt but you can also promote your product and service to a wide range of it users.

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There are more than 1 million people who uses Facebook and there is a very good chance you see people who are really interested in what you offer .

There is a very big chance you meet new costumers who are interested in your product but the very big problem now is , how do you start promoting your products and services on Facebook to reach a very wide audience , and how do you meet with the right audience , those who are interested in doing business with you ?
That is a very big question you need to ask before you can proceed to taking your business to social media.

 There are many social media platform where you can take your business to , like twitter , another powerful social media platform, but on this article , i will be talking about how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook , i know that many people have been searching everyday on how affiliate marketing works on Facebook and i decided to come up with this topic and after reading this article , you will have the needed ideas on how to be a successful affiliate marketer on Facebook .

When you plan on how you can start affiliate marketing on Facebook then you must have ideas on what affiliate marketing is all about , therefore let me explain what affiliate marketing is all about .

What is affiliate marketing ?
affiliate marketing is the process of collaborating with a company or an individual in distributing or selling their products to an interested costumers online and getting paid for any resulting sales .

This is a process of selling a company or an individual products online , you get some commission once once a costumer buy a product through your affiliate links , affiliate marketing is one of the most legit online earning program , you have the real chance of earning a lot of income through affiliate marketing when you do it at the right way , i hope you read about our beginners guide on how to start affiliate marketing , this will really help you understand exactly what am explaining here , affiliate marketing is free and does not cost you any penny to get it started .

Who is an affiliate marketer ?

An affiliate marketer is an individual who enrolls on affiliate marketing by joining affiliate program . An affiliate marketer is a person who merge with a company or an individual in selling their products there by getting some commission once a sale is confirm through his or her affiliate link .

There are many ways you can start an affiliate marketing , you can start it either on your website . 

Social media platform or through your email list , social media gives good advantage to an affiliate marketer to make to make a lot of income , affiliate marketing on Facebook is one of the easiest way of growing your affiliate marketing career , it gives you the chance to meet more new costumers everyday and generate more sales due to the large number of users . to start affiliate marketing on Facebook is free and you can only pay if you want to advertise your product through Facebook ads.

There are different kinds of individuals on Facebook and they are in there for different purposes , some are there to make friends , chat with their families and friends and share their feeling while others are there to advertise their products as well as purchasing , so it is likely you meet someone who is interested in your service .

but it does not matter if you want to start it now or later but you need to have a clear view on how to advertise your products and generate more sales and how to target the right audience .

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to start affiliate marketing on Facebook. 

How to start Affiliate marketing on Facebook

 Before you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing , you need to have a Facebook account , this will give you access to meet other users , without an account , you can't do anything on this platform so if you have one already then you are ready to proceed but if you don't have an account yet please use this URL to open one now Facebook .

After you have successfully open a Facebook account make sure you add more friends so that your advert will reach more audience then you can now plan on how you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing .

Create a Facebook business page

To avoid not complying with Facebook standard and policy , then you need to create a Facebook page , Facebook page is a place where you can get people who are interested in your business .

Facebook page gives you freedom to advertise any kind of products you have as long as you comply with Facebook policy , there are things you will do on Facebook which may lead to your Facebook that will attract ban either temporary or permanent  , your page will be unpublished if you do not fail any of Facebook guidelines and you can read more  on what causes your facebook page to be unpublished and how to get it re-published within hours .

After creating a facebook business page for affiliate marketing then you need to invite people to like and follow your page and to succeed then you need only those who are interested in your products , so you need to share your post to groups with lot of users where you can with with those you can do business with , make sure you run a Facebook ads so that many people will know about your page , you can read here on how to create an engaging Facebook business page

create a Facebook group :
After you have successfully created a Facebook page then you need a Facebook group , creating a Facebook group for your affiliate marketing is a very cool and nice idea , if you look at many groups on Facebook , you will notice that some groups get more than 1 million members which means you likely get interested people and better outcome , all you need to do is create a face book group and invite people to join .

Join Facebook groups : To get your products to a wide range of people then as a beginner , your Facebook page and group is not that much engaging as you would have want it to be then your best option is to join Facebook group with more members , though there are many limitation as you are not the group owner but luckily you will find on of those groups which allow it members to post without needed approval , so i will advice you to join as many groups as you can , also if you want to be more improving then you should join group where thing are sold and buy and share your affiliate links and banner to the groups to get more sales also don't forget to share your page to the groups to attract more followers.

How to advertise your affiliate links and banners on Facebook

 Once you join any affiliate marketing , you will be given your unique affiliate link and banners which you can to advertise , you will have you will get to choose which product you want to advertise , make sure you know what exactly your costumers are interested on , so on this note , you need to log in to your affiliate program dashboard , copy the link and the banner of the product you want to advertise and post it on your Facebook groups and page.

Facebook page : To advertise your affiliate link on your Facebook page look easy , Facebook page  is one of the best place to advertise your service , this will look fruitful if you have successfully build your said to reach a more followers , all you need to do if you want to use Facebook page for affiliate marketing is for you to create a post regularly to engage your visitors then copy the products link and banner you want to advertise on your affiliate program dashboard and paste it on your Facebook page timeline.

Facebook ads : to ad a successful affiliate marketer on Facebook , you need to spend some money on Facebook ads , Facebook ads will help generate engagement with new costumers , create a post on your Facebook page and promote it with Facebook ads , this will help bring more costumer to your business as well as more followers to your page .

Facebook group : Facebook group is one of the place where you can advertise your affiliate marketing products , you might have created a group to advertise your product yet you don't get much members as you would have like to get then you need to share your post to that group and keep inviting people to join , also you can advertise in a groups you join but there will be limited advantage since you are not the group owner . 

The disadvantage here is that not all your post will be approved and you may be banned for spamming , so all you need to do is copy the product you want to advertise and create a post about it in different groups .

Facebook timeline : After your have successfully create a Facebook account , you must have been followed by a number of friends , share this product to your friends by creating a post about them , tell them  what the products is all about and it uses , luckily you can get one person who is interested at the end .

Facebook friend
: With the amount of friends you have on your list , approach them and tell them about your products , they may be interested in buying , always tag your friends on any post you make so that their friends could also see it .

Benefit of starting affiliate marketing on Facebook
before you go into anything now , you must know it benefits , you can't waste your time on anything which will at the end bring no income and gains to you , there are many benefit when you start affiliate marketing on Facebook , to start affiliate marketing on Facebook is free and demand no fee , with Facebook as an affiliate marketer , you will be able to advertise your products to million of people which in turn generates more income to you , affiliate marketing on Facebook does not require much time , you can use up to two hours a day and still get your desired result ,


Making money online is everybody's dream and with affiliate marketing , you stand a good chance to succeed because it is one of the easiest way without stress , it does not require any starting fee or a physical shop , you just need to join an affiliate program which you find it worthy for you , and to start affiliate marketing on Facebook is very simple if you follow this article very well .

Don't fail to share this information with your family and friends , they may be in need of this , remember that sharing is caring , also if you have any question related to this topic , drop it on the comment section and you will get a reply as soon as possible.


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