Blogger SEO Settings ( The Complete Guide )

Blogger SEO Settings ( The Complete Guide )

Do you want to learn how to do blogger SEO setting so that your website will be more searchable on google ?

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Blogger SEO settings is hard to achieve but if you follow this guide then you will be able to optimized your blogspot blog for SEO.

Setting up your Blogger SEO will help you rank on google first page which in return brings you more traffic.

When i created my first website on blogger, i was hardly rank on google and i did not have enough traffic to increase my earning.

then i need to ask myself, How can i do SEO setting for my blogger website to increase my daily visitors.

I met with an expert who was willing to teach me how to do blogger SEO setting and i can now generate traffic from search engine.

I know you may pass through a condition like this, here i have the solution for you.

On this article, i will give you the step by step guide on how to SEO setting on blogspot.

First of all you need to understand what we mean my SEO, search engine optimization is those settings you do when writing  on your website to make it more visible to google.

There are two ways of setting up seo on blogger, on page seo and off page seo.

With wordpress, you can use plugin to rank your website but on a blogger platform, you need to set it up manually.

Making your website to be google friendly will help increase your website ranking, increase your daily visitors and also increase your earning.

Here is how i do my blogspot seo setting

1. Keyword Research
Making keyword research is the first thing to do before you can start writing an article, you must have your topic and keywords ready.

Use this keywords and create post around it, this is one of the thing google google will look for and know what exactly your post is all about.

Make sure you leverage on those keyword and avoid stuffing it, use it on the first and second paragraph of your post.
As a beginer, you are advised to write on low competitive keywords.

2. Edit your Permalink
Editing your Permalink is one of Blogspot SEO setting, it plays an important role when you want to rank your post.

It will help in increasing your keyword density.

You can only edit your permalink when your post is not yet published.

How to edit your permalink ?
When you are still writing a blog post, check the right hand side of your panel.

>Click on edit permalink.
You will have the option to choose from either Authomatic or manual permalink.
>Click on manual permalink.
>Edit It according to your target keyword.
>Remove stop words go your url ( examples A, An, The ).
> Make your url look moderate, don't let it be too long.

3. Maintain keyword Density
One of the most important way to get your post rank on any keyword is to maintain the keyword density.

Before i write on a specific keyword just like this article, my main talking point here is Blogger SEO Setting.

To rank on this keywords, i will not mention this words everywhere on this post.

Instead, i will create a post around this keyword, and explain everything i know about it.

 Do not over use your keyword to manipulate the search engines, doing so will turn out to hurt your website performance in search engines.

Choose a specific keyword you want to rank for, leverage on the keyword, fix it at the right places.

Use your keyword on your post title, url, first paragraph of your post, search description and the concluding part of your article.

Do not distract your readers with too much keyword, explain and give points , make your post readable.

4. Label and Related post:
When writing a blog post, you will have the option to label your post according to it categories.

For blogger platform, label and related post play an effective role in Blogspot SEO.

On the right hand side of your blogger panel while writing a post, you will the option to label your blog post and this will add to your keyword density.

Your labels will affect your related post widget, this are post that will be shown to your reader after reading and article on your blog.

Do not put all your post in a label. 

 Let me use this as an example, the title of a post i want to write about is "how to create facebook page".

To avoid missing any keyword opportunity then i will label it in different tags like ( Facebook, Facebook page, social media etc.

This will add enough juice to your keyword and also help you arrange your related posts widget.

Your related post will give readers an option to expand their knowledge in a specific topic they are reading and this will help increase your pageviews.

5. Edit your post title : When you do your SEO Setting on Blogspot you must remember to give good and attractive post title.

Blog post title helps people to know what exactly your post is all about.

This will help explain what your content detailed and attract readers to Click on it.

Before you plan of writing an article for your website, the first thing you should think of is the post title.

Finding an attractive and suitable title for your Blog post will help make your post more search engine friendly.

Let me use this as an example, i want to write a port on a topic  "How to make money online", this is a very nice tittle for a blog post but to make it look more attractive, you need to add flavour to it.

I will go like this
>legit ways to make money online.
>how to make money online for free
>how to make money online without investment.

As you can see this three post titles, it include the keyword which is "make money online", there is enough juice on those titles, it is attractive and state the visitors search intent.

When someone is searching for this keyword and find a title like this then there is a very big chance he or she Click on it.

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6. Edit your images: Another highly effective SEO tips for blogger is editing your image.

When you write a post on your blog, to make it more attractive, you need to add images to it.

This will also help describe what your post is all about.

You may download your picture from pixabay or from any website or you snap the picture with your phone.

before you add it to your blog post, you need to edit it to a smaller size.

This will help in increasing your website speed and load time.

For example, the name of the image you want to use may be ( image00001 or image.jpg ), and your post title is "how to make money online".

Now you have to rename the picture according to your keyword, you can rename it to make-money-online.jpg.

This will slightly impact your SEO ranking but it will help you a lot.

Optimize your image : Once you upload an image in any of your blog post, it is very important to optimize your image.

This task look very simple and it is essential in blogspot SEO setting.

This can be done by adding alt. tag or title tag to each image you upload.

Once you upload your picture and drag it to the right place you want to place it.

Click on the image, you will see the option to add title or Add caption, Click on it and give title to the image.

Inclusion of keywords on the image title is advicable and it will help increase your keyword density and improve your google ranking.

8. Provide meta tag: You should not doubt it if i tell you that meta tag play a key role in determining your website ranking on search engines.

These are your website title, your url and your describtion.

This will help tell the search engine what your website is all about.

Find a suitable title for your website, write a very good describtion about what your website is all about.

When writing a website describtion, it is advicable you should maintain the charaters not more than 150.

9. Add external links: These are links that you point to a related post from either your website or others.

When a reader is going through a certain post on your blog, it is good to give the reader an opportunity to go deap into to research.

This will help the reader have all the needed information and this will increase your blog reputation.

When you refer to anything on your post, try all your best to find relavant link and add to it.

Go back  to your previous post and check if you wrote something similar to it what you want to write.

Example, i wrote about "how to create an engaging facebook page" then checking back on my previous post, i come to discover that i had a post on " how to republish and unpublished facebook page " then i have to bring it to my new post and make reference.

There may be a reader who got his page unpublished and is looking for a way to get it republished then there is a huge chance he Click on it.

Adding external links to your posts will help increase users experience.

10. Moderate your comment section: To avoid any Spammy link which may hurt  your website ranking, you must make sure you moderate your website comment section.

Make sure you don't allow spammy comments and keep your comment section on no-follow.

Always reply to comment on your website and engage with your audience.

While replying to comments, use keywords of the post, this will add to your keyword density.

Getting your blog on Google first page is very important if you want earn money blogging.

This post, Blogger SEO setting is the complete guide for blogger users.

Key to this tip and you will get your blogger blog ranking on google first page.

Share this information to your friends because it may be also helpful to them.

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