How to Make Money With Jumia Affiliate Program

How to Make Money With Jumia Affiliate Program
Jumia Affiliate program

 Finding a way to make money through Jumia Affiliate program ?

Here is it.

Making money online with affiliate marketing is very easy.

You just need to recommend your Merchant products to your audience then get some commission if they purchase any of the product.

You don't need to own a product before you earn from Jumia affiliate program.

They have the products you need to advertise.

All you need to do is to join them, review their products and advertise them to your audience.

On this article, i will teach you how to make money with Jumia affiliate program.

At the end of it, you will be able to understand how Jumia affiliate program works and how to take advantage of it and make money.

Some people may not still understand what is affiliate marketing.

Let me break it into parts so that you can have a clear understanding on what affiliate marketing works.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?
The term affiliate marketing is defined as a  the tactics of merging with someone else, this could be either an individual or a company in promoting their products and services.

You advertise their services to your audience, this can be your website visitors or your social media followers.

Once they show interest and pay for the product, then you will get some percentage from it.

Once you join any affiliate program, you will be given all the equipment you will use in promoting their products.

This are your unique affiliate link and banners.

You make a post and include your affiliate link or banner, then once a visitor click on it and make any purchase then you earn.

The visitor doesn't need to buy exactly that time he click on your affiliate link.

Depending on the affiliate program you join, they will store a cookie which will track every activities done through your affiliate links.

The cookie may last 1 months or more in the visitors browser, so even if the person choose to go back and buy the product later then you will still earn.

You can check our guide on how to start affiliate marketing.

Now let go to our main point.

How to make money through Jumia affiliate program.

Making money with Jumia affiliate program can be a very hard task but with this guide, you are going to find it very easy.

What is Jumia ?
Jumia is Nigeria most popular online shop which sell products in different categories.

Thousands of people buy products everyday on Jumia and there is a big chance an affiliate marketer make money by recommending people to buy them online.

Their products range from clothes, Fashion products, Kitchen and home appliances, smart phones , laptop etc.

Jumia affiliate program
Jumia affiliate program was designed to affiliate marketers who will like to make money.

There is no one that is excluded, student, parent, government workers or company workers can still join Jumia affiliate program.

How to make money with Jumia affiliate program.

As an affiliate marketer, your aim of joining affiliate program is to make money.

This is one of the reason you should choose Jumia affiliate program.

Jumia Affiliate Program Commission Rate
When you refer someone to buy any Jumia Product, you will earn 11% commission.

Benefits of joining Jumia Affiliate Program
When you join any affiliate program, the most important thing to consider is the benefits of it.

Jumia affiliate program comes with different benefits and this is why you should consider it and here are they.

1. Advertisement Material: When you join Jumia affiliate program, you will be given all the material needed to advertise their products, this include unique affiliate links and banner.

Free registration: To start making money with Jumia  affiliate program is free, you don't need to pay any registration fee.

Wide range of products to be advertised: With Jumia affiliate program, you have thousands of product to advertise.

It works for everyone who will like to make money, their products range from Cloths, smartphones, kitchen equipment etc.
3. Easy to withdraw your earning: with Jumia affiliate program, you can easily withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum threshold.

4. Genuine products: Jumia Products are all genuine and are trusted by many, on this note, you will easily get people who are interested in their products.

5. Welcome Bonus: When you join Jumia affiliate program, you will stand a chance to earn N500 on every sales you make in the first month.

6. Free to join: Jumia affiliate program required on registration fee, it is free to join.

How to make money with Jumia JForce:
Jumia offers many ways of making money online to those who are willing to promote their product.

Jumia JForce Program allow you to order a product for your client while earning from it.

You only need to recommend the product to your friends, family or your customer then if they are interested in the product, you can order for them.

How to sign up with Jumia affiliate program:
To sign up with Jumia affiliate program is free and easy.
Jumia Affiliate program sign up form

All you need go to Jumia affiliate website, Click sign up , fill the given form with required details and summit.

A confirmation message will be sent to your email to confirm your registration, Click on the link and confirm your account.

The next thing to do is to wait for approval, this may take 24 hours or more.

Once your account is approved, then you are ready to start advertising their products.

how to advertise Jumia products and generate more sales:
To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to advertise your Merchant products to wide range of people so that you can generate sales.

As we all know that a product must be sold by you before you earn then it is important to advertised.

There are four important ways you can get this done.

These are:
>Social Media
>Email Subscription List
>Word of Mouth

Website: This is one of the perfect place to advertise your Merchant product.

Jumia product can be advertised on a website if you are looking to make more sales.
As an affiliate marketer you are advised to create a website, this can be done on a free blogger platform or paid web hosting service.

Create your website, choose a niche, create content and drive traffic to your website.

All you need to do is to log in to your Jumia affiliate dashboard, copy the code of the product you want to advertised, placed it anywhere you know your audience will be able to see.

Once they Click on your link and purchase any product your advertised then you earn a commission from it.

Social media: Social media is also a nice place to advertise Jumia products.

Millions of people are using social media either to communicate , share their thought and some are in for business, therefore you can easily find interested individuals for your business.

We have many social media platforms but few are popular and are worth spending time on.

These are :

Facebook: Being one of the most used social media platform in the world.
All you need is a facebook account, you can create one for free using this link

After you have created your account, you need to create a facebook page and group for your business.
All you need to do, go to your Jumia affiliate dashboard, review the product you want to advertise, copy the product html code and make a post with it, one a customer Click on it and purchase the product then you earn.

You can check on our guide on how to start affiliate marketing on facebook.

Twitter: Twitter is another powerful social media platform that you can use as an affiliate marketer.

All you need to do is to log in to your Jumia affiliate program dashboard, copy the product code and make a tweet with it.

You can also do the same on Instagram and Pinterest.

Email Subscription list
You can also share the product to those who Subscribe to your email list through your website, share the products banner to them with your affiliate link, once a customer Click on it and purchase then you earn.
Word of mouth: you can easily convince people to buy Jumia products by explaining how good and useful the product is and how genuine it is.

You need to meet a friend or a client, talk to them, if the are interested then you can help them order for the product through your referral link.

Jumia affiliate program is one of the most legitimate way to make money online.

You have a wide range of products on your which you can advertised depending on your target audience and niche.

Jumia affiliate program is open for anyone who is really interested in earning online.

Don't wait any longer as this opportunity is worth taken, join now and start making money without investment.

Share this information across to your friends and family, they may be in need of this this.

If you have any question related to Jumia affiliate program, you can use the comment section below, we will be happy to get response to it as soon as possible.

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