Web4Africa Affiliate Program Review: How to make money with Web4Africa Affiliate program

Web4Africa Affiliate Program Review: How to make money with Web4Africa Affiliate program
Web4Africa Affiliate program

Finding a detailed Web4africa affiliate program review ?

Here is it.

Affiliate Marketing has been the source of income for million of people around the web.

It is one of the simplest and legitimate way of making money online.

On this article, am going to tell you what you need to know about Web4Africa affiliate program, you will know if it is legit or scam and also have ideas on how to make money through it.

After reading this Web4Africa affiliate program review, you will be able to decide if you should join it or not and how to sign up as an affiliate.

I know you may not have the clear knowledge about what affiliate marketing is all about.

We previously discussed what affiliate marketing is all about but let be just make it briefly and straight to point.

Defining what Affiliate Marketing is all about ?

What is Affiliate Marketing ?
Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting other people products online to either your website visitors or your social media followers.
You the Affiliate marketer collaborate with a company or an individual who has a product on sales.

You recommend the product to people, if you buy the product then you earn a commission.

This mean you don't need to own a product, have a physical shop or invest.

You just based on promotion while earning if someone purchase them.

Now that you have this knowledge, lets now dive to our main topic.

Web4Africa Affiliate Program

What is Web4Africa ?
Web4Africa is on of the leading web hosting and domain registrar in Africa.

They are one of the most reliable web hosting service provider, which offer 99% uptime and customer support.

Web4Africa affiliate program was designed for interested affiliate marketers who are willing to earn just by promoting products.

How Web4Africa affiliate programs work ?
Web4Africa affiliate program works just like other legit affiliate program.

When you sign up as an affiliate with Web4Africa, you will be given everything you need to advertise their service.
You will given a unique affiliate link which come with your tracking code.

This code will help track every action taken through your affiliate link.

This mean if someone Click on your link to visit your Merchant website then information will be pass to them.

Is Web4Africa affiliate program legit or scam ?

One of the most important thing to look for as an affiliate marketer is to consider the affiliate program you join, if it is legit or scam.

joining legit affiliate program means at the end of everything, you will be able to cash out your earning without story.

Web4Africa affiliate program is legit and they are serving their affiliates at the right way.

I haven't come across any bad review about them which means they are worth affiliating.

How to join Web4Africa affiliate program ?
Web4Africa affiliate program is open to everyone who is ready to make money by promoting their service.

To join this noble affiliate program then you need to purchase on of their service to be eligible.

you can either purchase a domain or web hosting service to qualify.

Web4Africa Services ?
Their services are, domain registration, web hosting, window hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual server, dedicated server and SSL certificate.

Their service are very reliable and affordable.

Commission rate ?
When you refer a customer to buy any of Web4Africa service except domain name then you will earn 10% of the product value.

How to withdraw your commission ?
To withdraw your earning on Web4Africa affiliate program is very easy, they have offered different ways of which you can withdraw.

You can receive your commission through Perfectmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill or bank transfer.

Payment of commission occur every 90 days and there is no threshold you need to meet before you cash out.

Benefits of joining Web4Africa affiliate program ?
Signing up as an affiliate gives you the opportunity to make money by recommending products to an interested party.
You also have the opportunity to monetize your website as a blogger too.

How to advertise Web4Africa service ?
To advertise and generate income through Web4Africa affiliate program you need to log in to your dashboard, copy your affiliate link to where you want to advertise.

Here are places you can advertise and generate sales.

Website: You can advertise on your website by copying the html code of the product to any place you want to display on your website.

Create a post on your website, copy the banner code and place it in the body of the post.
Generate traffic to the article, when your visitor Click on the advert and purchase the product or service then you earn.

Social Media: Social media is one of the perfect place to advertise as an affiliate marketer.

Millions of people uses social media daily, some are there for business while some are in to communicate with their friends and love ones.

Therefore, there is a big chance you convince people to buy the product you advertise.
Facebook is one of the most populated social media platform to advertise.

You can start it by copying your affiliate link and make a post with it, this could be on your timeline, your facebook page or facebook groups.

You can check on our previous post where we give a *((detailed guide on how to start affiliate marketing on facebook.

You can also advertise Web4Africa services on Twitter, pinterest or instagram.

Web4Africa location and how to contact their customer care ?
Web4Africa head office is located in Nigeria, Ghana Kenya and South Africa.

You can contact their customer care line through this phone numbers.

+27105008831 and

When was Web4Africa  founded ?
It was founded in 11 September 2002 as Goldoasis Web solution in Ghana.

Web4Africa affiliate program was made to eradicate poverty.

Taking a step to join this great affiliate program will definitely help you make money that will solve your needs.

Share this information to your love ones to save lives too

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