How to create a free blogger blog

How to create a free blogger blog


How to create a free blogger blog 

This information will help you create the free Blogspot website you want without buying a website or hosting company. Blogspot is a platform that allows you to build and host sites without spending money. Google owns it, so you don't have to worry about server downtime and other issues. Also, there are thousands of free blog templates that you should use to present a professional look on your website. Let's start with detailed information on how to create a free website. 

Steps to create a free website with BlogSpot 

Step 1: Log in to Blogger

Go to http://www.blogger.com/dwelling and log in with your Gmail username and password. For those who don't have an account, you can create one for free by clicking on the "Join" button in the corresponding leading corner, as shown in the screenshot below. As shown in the screenshot below, you can create a free account by clicking the "Join" button in the corresponding leading corner.

Step 2: Check your profile

Once you are logged in with your Gmail credentials, you will see a screen as shown below. Click on "Go to blogger."

Step 3: Create a new blog

It's time to create a brand new website, so click on the "New Blog" button.

Step 4: Provide a logo and a title for your site

In this step, you want to provide a title and a handle for your website. For example, if you're going to create a website about books, the handle (which is often called the area ID and URL of the website) would probably be bestbooks.blogspot.com or itbooks.blogspot.com, and the title would probably be the best. A computer book blog would be. 

What you need to know is that since these domains are free, they will default to blogspot.com. The identity domain must be unique, so the identity of the domain you have chosen may be already registered. In this case, as indicated below, in addition to the blue checkboxes, you must strive to identify the unique domain until it appears on the right side of the processing area. 

Once you are finished, select a template (you can choose any template at this level, and you will have the option to change it later at any time level, we will show you ways to try) and "Create a Blog Click on it.

Step 5: Launch your blog

Having completed step 4, you have effectively customized your site at no cost. You can now start publishing articles/posts and click on the "Start Blogging" button.

Step 6: Go to your website.

Type your website ID in your browser and click on "Login." You will have your website! At first, chances are you don't just like the look and Structure, but after completing the tutorial, we will show you all the techniques to customize your website to make it look beautiful {and professional}.

Publish your articles/posts on Blogspot

Now that you've set up your site on Blogspot, it's time to start submitting articles to your new location. See the screenshot below. Write the content of the article, write the title and click "Submit" to publish.

If you click on the "Publish" button, you may be asked to share the content on Google+, and you can probably get an action accordingly, which can be an excellent suggestion for visitors to your newly created website. You can.

Implement the permalink construction specified in Blogspot?

You may be wondering what a permalink is, i.e., a hyperlink to your messages (the identifier you enter in your browser to display the notes). Automatic permalinks. The Blogger will periodically generate a permalink to your current post based on the title section's title.

Custom Permalinks. In the sidebar, select "Custom Permalinks," as shown below, and enter a value. It is best to add a hyphen (-) in the middle of the text in the bottom example.

Change the look of your website

Sometimes you may want to change your website's look and feel, which you can do by merely changing your website template. Click on Templates.

You will be presented with a set of templates. Select the template you want and click Apply Template. You will have a library under each template. There are also many sites where you can get good templates for free for the area you want. I'm going to share the following part of some sites.

Make a backup of your current template and add the new template to your Blogger.

Go to My Blog " Templates, and you will find the Backup/Restore button, click on it as shown in the screenshot below. On the next screen, you may be prompted to search for a new template or retrieve the current template on your local machine.

If you can't find the website template you want in the Blogger library, you can find a free template on the spot - http://btemplates.com/ or you can search "free blogger templates" in Google and search for free blogger templates you can discover. Blogspot templates. Choose a template and get a zip file from the site. 

Unzip the file, and in the unzipped folder, you will find an XML file to import into Blogspot. Here you can get a backup of the current template, import the new template, view the XML file and then click Add. You may be prompted to save the widget.

Changing the appearance of the navigation bar

Go to the sidebar under Structure and click Edit Navigation Bar. Select your preferred look and feel and click "Save."

Add a favicon to your site

A favicon is a small image that appears in your browser's tab when you open a website of your choice. To change the blog's default favicon, please follow these steps: modify the favicon by selecting "Structure," a square image of less than 100 KB and add it.

Don't forget to save many associations each time you make changes to the Structure section.

Add gadgets to your site

You can add gadgets in the navigation menu of your blog or the sidebar under the footer. Each time you click on the "Add a gadget" button in the Structure section, a window appears in which you can navigate and add devices. Don't forget to save many settings.

Navigate to a customs area

We have seen above how we have chosen the free blog spot zone, which is suffixed with the keyword "basic," but if you wish, you will have to buy a personalized area of your choice, and you will be able to add it in the settings. Click on the "Add Custom Zone" button and enter the logo of the zone you purchased.

Statistics of visits to your site

Statistics " View the time of actual visits to your site. It contains detailed information about the origin of visitors, the audience, and much more. Here you will find all articles/posts/pages that receive many visitors and which keywords. It can help your site to attract more natural visitors.


If you are new to this area, this may be a reasonably new factor for you! The robots.txt file is the file that search engines refer to. I don't want to confuse you. I've covered it here, just to let you know where you can edit the robots.txt file if you need to.

Editing HTML

You may be allowed to modify your current template by going to Templates " Edit HTML. You can also integrate scripts in the header and footer if you want to act.

Earn money for your site

Now that you have everything in place. You can start blogging, and as soon as you start receiving a large number of visitors to your site, you can apply ads immediately from your blog's control panel. Sidebar - Revenue – Adsense

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a free blog?

Choose a blog logo. Underline the artistic symbol of what your blog posts are likely to be written about.

2. Choose a blog template. Customize the design of your blog according to your fashion.

3. start writing your articles...

4. Add your region...

5. Publish your message and leave it...

6. Share your post

Can I enjoy my free Blogger blog?

You can always enjoy blogging on Blogspot. Blogger launches a blogging platform that allows you to create blogs simultaneously but requires you to provide additional help to monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Is using Blogger free?

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google that you can use for free... However, you can also use a custom regional logo on your blog. However, you can also use a custom-made regional logo on your blog. To do so, you will need to register your website logo with a third-party provincial registrar and then add it to your Blogger blog.


That's all for now, but if you have any questions, let me know. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I hope you will have the opportunity to create a website for free by following the information detailed above, and I wish you good luck with your new website. Please share it with your friends on Fb, Google+, and Twitter if you like this guide.

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