How to Optimize Images for the better speed of your website

How to Optimize Images for the better speed of your website

 How to Optimize Images for the better speed of your website?


Website speed is one of the ranking factors of Google and websites speed is also important for a satisfactory user experience and this way users will spend more time on your website. Let's discuss how we can optimize images to get a speedy website 

Website Speed Optimization

Time is Money and the online customers look for a quick resolution to their problem and when they reach a website and it's slow the customer loses internet and moves to another similar website and this can be a concern because it can increase your bounce rate and lower your conversion rate. In order to maintain your website's speed, it's really important to use certain tips so that your website loads within a few seconds and which in turn increases your website's traffic and conversion rate. Especially you would need to optimize the images on your website to get a better speed. Let's get started and learn about certain factors that can help to optimize your images and that will give you a better speed

Tips of Image optimization for better speed

Website speed is one of the important factors for ranking on Google and the slow websites are definitely punished by google since they are not performing as per the standards of Google and because of their slow speed, they are not able to attract traffic and generate revenue. We all love attractive websites with beautiful images but have we ever given it a thought that these images are the biggest reasons for slow loading websites and they can make our websites heavy and make them take a longer time to load pages. Therefore it is an important aspect to be considered and all marketers should pay a lot of attention in optimizing images and make an accurate balance between the beauty and performance of your website so that it is more visible on Google and get a better ranking, dg royals why is the best institute you can check on google their accessibility and popularity they are providing best digital marketing course in delhi

Firstly let's talk about the reasons that websites load slowly because of the images.

1) Image File Size

We all have a mindset that a bigger thing is always better but it is not the case with the Image file Size and the bigger image size will slow the speed of your website so it's important to compress the file size before you upload that on your website. Try to compress as much as it is possible without impacting the quality of the picture and try to reduce it to 150 kilobytes for a better performance of your website since we upload a lot of pictures and to maintain its size is very important for quick loading of your site. There are many websites available on the web from where you can download stock images and many websites that give you an option to compress these websites and they compress the website without impacting its quality. This is only the first step to make your website speed better and one of the important steps for speed optimization but there is a lot more in the content management system.

2) Image File Format

Once you have downloaded the image and compressed it after the image size the factor that matters the most is the image format and the most commonly used formats are PNG and JPEG and these formats will definitely make your website's speed better. The best file format is PNG and this is even better than JPEG since PNG files have certain transparency in them and you can see the background color or the other image in the background however this is not the case with JPEG files. JPEG format is also the most commonly used format however they are not transparent as PNG but also smaller in size. There are many tools available on the web that can convert various formats to PNG and JPEG and these converted images can be uploaded on your websites and they will definitely leave some positive impact on your website's speed and this, in turn, can help you get yourself ranked on Google since website's speed is an important factor to get your website ranked.

First Step for Website's Speed - Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the most important factors of getting a website speed however this is not the only one there are many other factors too that can help you to get a great speed of your website. Google Lighthouse tool can help you to monitor your website's speed on a regular basis and by knowing its performance you can easily know how to progress and what improvements your website needs. Google's Lighthouse tool will help you to analyze all the web pages individually and will provide a clear picture of your website's pages and you can work in optimizing it accordingly and make it rank on Search Engines.

 Seo Description:-

The key to successful image optimization for web performance is to find the perfect balance between lowest file size and acceptable image quality. The three things that play a huge role in image optimization are: Image file format (JPEG vs PNG vs GIF) Compression (Higher compression = smaller file size)


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