5 Reasons Smartphone Insurance Is So Important

 5 Reasons Smartphone Insurance Is So Important

 5 Reasons Smartphone Insurance Is So Important

The year 2020 has been a testament to the importance that devices like smartphones hold in the daily lives of the urban population. Equipped with unique functionalities and technological advancements, a smartphone works as an ultimate companion for all tasks, from online classes to attending conference meetings. 

However, such high-value devices are usually prone to screen damage, software failure, etc., thereby, making it wise to opt for a comprehensive insurance plan in order to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Plans like a mobile screen insurance policy or damage insurance cover offer the much-needed financial protection by extending coverage against such financial liabilities.  

Benefits of availing a mobile phone insurance policy

Many smartphone users are unaware of the existence of such insurance policies, including the benefits that they offer. Following is a list of smartphone insurance benefits that bolster their importance in keeping your finances protected against any damage to these high-end devices.

  1. Instant replacement guarantee

Under these insurance plans, consumers can expect an immediate replacement of their smartphones in case of both damage or theft. Although, in case a phone is stolen or lost, the owner has to report the incident as soon as possible to claim against the insurance policy. 

It is advisable to compare insurance aggregators to see who is offering this facility, to optimize the benefits offered under the policy. 

  1. Total coverage of repair costs

Individuals can enjoy coverage of the repair costs incurred due to damage to their mobile phones with the Mobile Protection Plan extended by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. Mobile insurance in India has witnessed immense popularity due to this particular feature it comes with. For complicated situations, availing total coverage for such expensive products comes as a huge relief. 

  1. Works for both new and old devices

With this insurance policy in place, one can opt for the replacement of his/her damaged cell phone, even if it is an old one equipped with basic characteristics.  

  1. Easy claim procedure

With the latest mobile insurance online system, filing a claim has become much easier. Upon receiving the application, the concerned department usually contacts the device owner for more information and depending on the insurance provider, one can expect a fast replacement of the damaged phone. 

  1. Better than phone warranty

Even though these days, all the electronic devices come with standard warranty plans, they merely provide service for mechanical issues or software defects, etc. Therefore, a mobile screen insurance policy inevitably makes for a better solution when other problems arise. 

Numerous mobile brands out there come with replacement guarantee these days; however, due to certain limitations, it is advisable to opt for these mobile protection plans after making any such high-value purchase. Since the application process is hassle-free, users can also avail the insurance plans after or during the purchase. 

Additionally, such insurances are available on multiple other electronic devices, as these are prone to damage. Leading insurance aggregators also have electronic stationary insurance plans where one can obtain coverage on damage to a wide range of devices, starting from printers to digital planners.

Since the purpose is to keep one’s high-end devices protected from accidental liquid damage, it is wise to insure the cell phone beforehand to avail monetary assistance during emergencies. Thanks to protection plans like mobile charger insurance and mobile screen insurance, these expenses can be easily mitigated, minimizing liabilities on the owner’s part. 

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